I require an unsecured loan of $7,000-20,000AUD Can anyone help? related questions

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I require an unsecured loan of $7,000-20,000AUD Can anyone help?2Concerned2012-11-05 09:11:02
Willing to pay high interest rates, have a full time job , etc. Please contact me by email if your able to help.
Can a bank require my credit report on an unsecured loan he took out in his name?2ibob2018-12-14 00:04:33
My husband recently applied for an unsecured loan in the amount of $ 3,000 on your behalf. Last night, the loan officer called and said it was approved, and he had to come and sign the papers. My husband called the bank this morning and the manager said he needed my credit information ? I have bad credit , so they applied for the loan on your behalf. I live in Wisconsin , where he has to say on the loan, but I've never heard of them asking for my credit information. He was rejected because of my bad credit. Are they on the right to do this ?
Does a unsecured loan requiring a down payment, require that the down payment be listed on loan documentation?4kong2012-10-24 12:38:04
In an unsecured loan that requires half the lender is required to include a down payment on the original loan documents . Or can the loan documents indicate only the amount financed ?
Do all business loans require a collateral, such as your house? are there unsecured business loans?2please please help!2012-09-30 21:37:03
What if it is an LLC ? How about a corporation ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
I am trying to get a loan that doesnt require emlpoyment.?3Jodi2012-09-21 15:04:03
All loans that are past the line require employment. But I am not an employee . Somebody help me .
Does a VA loan require a stove? (Las Vegas area)?0khrys2012-10-16 14:39:08
We just made an offer on a house here in Las Vegas , which currently does not have a stove in it , and causling much mess. Everyone is saying ( after months of searching and making deals in other homes ) that have to take to pass inspection stove VA / appraisal. Is this true ? How I can find out for sure ? I've done a lot of research online and find nothing of this rule / law. Please advise.
If my mum was the guarantor of a loan, would I still require a credit check?0thalia2012-10-05 02:05:03
So I'm thinking of taking a loan to buy a used car, but I tried , but I declined because of my credit history . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If my mother was the guarantor and obtained a loan under his name, which still require a credit check on me ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Note : This may be different across countries , but I live in Australia
I am looking for a loan that will not require collateral for small business, can anyone help??4zubeida2012-08-20 13:42:02
It is a loan for a menswear shop , ran out of my own fiancesn
Where can i find a payday loan that will not require me to fax anything but is quick and easy?0Stefina2012-09-19 15:31:02
Seeking a payday Internet or web-based provider of short term loan without the need for fax .
Do banks require income for a small business loan?2Sexy Chick 2012-09-04 06:02:04
The banks require income for a small business loan ?
Whet can I get a payday loan that does not require a checking account?0Desiree2012-11-02 00:26:09
Is there any place to get an auto loan that does not require an income of $1500?3Mè ‖ love you 2012-10-14 17:16:02
I am a 21 year old single mother of a 3 month old who attends college online F / t, and works as a waitress p / t at a resort. Is there any point of an auto loan for a student who does not require an income of $ 1500?

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