Private student loans to move out of my parent's house?

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Hi . I am seeking information on private student loans . My main problem is that the loan will be strictly to cover tuition, books or not . My mother is willing to pay for my tuition and books , but she is not willing to co - sign my loan and they can no longer live in the same house . I need a private loan to pay moving expenses (first, last and security deposits , telephone , electricity and internet) , plus future costs of living ( food, gas , rent , etc. . ) My credit is at least good , perhaps due to excellent previous student loan that was canceled ( always on time ) . I am currently employed as I am a full-time part-time student ( depending on the semester) . So far I am clueless on loans even though I have read many banks Website FAQs loan . Any and all advice appreciated ( except recommending personal loans - no ty , I want a well-known bank trust) . If you can foresee no difficulty for me , have any advice, etc , will be greatly appreciated . I do not want to be fucked in the interest

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