How long will it take me to receive my Chase private student loan check? related questions

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How long will it take me to receive my Chase private student loan check?0Kareena2012-10-26 12:17:58
Hello I applied and was approved for a private student loan Chase . I was approved and received my documents , such as promissory notes , etc. They said it is undergoing processing. How long until I get my check ? Also when I get the time I have to wait for it to clear through Wells Fargo once you deposit ?
How long will it take for me to receive my grant and loan refund check from college?1Catie2012-10-25 14:36:03
I'm going to Lorain County Community College and classes started 8/23/10 . Your saying my loans and grants were dispersed in my 9/20/10 . So I'll be getting my check as soon as you arrive via mail or there is another step in the process . I only ask because I really need to buy a laptop and if I put in a credit card definitely want you to know that I will have the money to cover it !
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX ONLINE long did it take to receive a refund check?0MATH HELP PLEASE2012-09-12 10:13:10
I just started school there and was told that I am getting a refund of my student loans and scholarships . How long does it usually take to get ? Thank you !
Anyone other than Wellsfargo & Chase still doing private student loan consolidations?.?0galo2012-08-10 03:33:02
I have a problem here and I
Where can I consolidate my private student loan besides Wells Fargo and Chase?2Noah2012-10-06 15:54:02
Where I can consolidate my private student loan , and Wells Fargo and Chase ?
How long before I receive my student loan money as a first time student? (SCF Bradenton, FL)?0shahroze2012-08-30 21:43:03
I want to be sure I understand this correctly , as I have to pay rent , I need money for transport , etc. , but in the school site , read this: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Students accepted Stafford loans must meet the following before funds will be disbursed : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Be enrolled and attending a minimum of six (6) hours MedlinePlus Complete entrance counseling , online at MedlinePlus Complete a Master Promissory Note ( MPN ) online (link same as above) MedlinePlus Be a return or a student borrower who has more than 30 credit hours MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This last sentence : " Be a return or a student borrower who has more than 30 credit hours " Am I understanding this correctly ? I have already completed 30 hours of tuition ( full time that would be about 2 1/2 semesters ) before I 'll be getting my student loan ? Is this really what they're saying ? If so , how I can take care of the rent and transportation ? Can anyone answer this for me ? I'm about to go to school at SCF Bradenton , FL if that makes a difference .
I applied for a private student loan at chase bank and was conditionally approved?0sdgsd2012-09-29 03:03:03
What exactly does this mean I sent in my information you need , including the note my class schedule id etc and now in its review process I can not deny a loan and if so , why. They told me you were not gona do another credit check because I had done that when I applied online
Can I cash my private student loan check for $10000 at the bank where they wrote me the check?0Wrong when the tender love2012-09-19 02:18:04
Will it take a long time , and until I get that much cash ? Is there a fee if the check and the bank are the same ? I want to change it so I will not have to wait for the check to my other side .
How to pay my chase student loan online if i dont have a chase account?0Mariah2012-09-28 20:38:03
I have no account of hunting and I have to mail checks and tried to call and it did not work ! I do not know if you can pay online ! please help !
Can you receive private student loans without a cosigner if you have good credit?0inny2012-10-26 10:22:14
see above
How long to get my student loan check?0NelsonJ2012-09-07 23:39:03
I am enrolled in an online university . I wondered how long it normally takes to get your first check student loan . I'm hoping to get some supplies , I'm in the beginning of my third week of classes ! Anyone?
Where can I get a no credit check student private loan?0Kidist2012-10-26 04:52:57
The title says it all , I have to find a place to get a loan with no credit check private student for expenses.

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