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College student unhappy living at school?0maliyah2012-10-26 09:21:19
I'm a sophomore in college, living in the school for a second year. Last year I lived with my friend from high school but hated it because it is very irritating each other. I always looked forward to breaks and go home and live well planned with a random partner this year. I like my roommate, she's pretty and all, but I always feel lonely because she is not in the room. Normally I'm gone 8:00 a.m.-3 pm, but after that I am in the room doing homework or relax. I hung with 3 friends last week, but as soon as I returned to my room I felt very empty once. My bedroom is quite large, I think it makes it harder to be alone in a way (there is a living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen). I invited my friends to come, but they are busy with their work and have good living situations (living with friends who get along with well) so that I can understand. I feel so sad and hard for me to concentrate on my work. I live about an hour from home and I've been seriously considering the displacements of this year and the next two years, but I feel bad because just this weekend my mom and I bought a TV and some other things for my room. And also took out loans for tuition, and do not know if the school would eliminate the cost of food and bedrooms at this point (second week). MedlinePlus My friend from high school had this same problem and movements of this year. My other friend says I should give a little more of a chance and see how I feel then. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It's hard because I feel so sad and lonely, but I'm really trying to hold. I also feel a bit like a failure because I could not room here several times and I told my mom and family this summer I went to the bedroom this year and not go home as often on weekends (last year I I went home every weekend). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice?
I am so unhappy living with my mom and sister again. Any suggestions?0stan2012-11-06 06:49:44
I went through a horrible time living with my mom and sister growing up. My mom I believe was depressed and was anxious and as a young teen, she would hit me a lot and just really get kind of abusive. I started getting horrible grades in the beginning of HS and my mom had me go live with my grandparents, where I suceeded...did sports and had excellent grades. I came back for my senior year and my sister acted depressed, and I started feeling depressed and of course, my grades weren't good again. I went off to college this last year and stayed in the dorms. I loved living away from them and having more independence. Loans were too much last year so my mom said she wouldn't be able to pay for another year up there. She said I'd have to stay with them and attend community college. I'm living with them again and I really think I'm falling back into a bit of depression. I can't really explain... it's just not happiness, it's weird. I also have just been laying around the house, lazy as hell. I had wanted to get my own apartment and car and attend community college a little ways away, but I have no money. I've sent in applications for jobs and I've gotten little replies, ones that I have didn't call back after I went in a second time. I really want to get away from here. I'm not a minor. I shouldn't have to live here and I really don't want to. It's making me unhappy. I had been looking forward to doing my own thing but it's just not turning out. What do I do? I don't know anyone in this area, so can't move in with anyone.
I'm unsatisfied / unhappy in my school. What can I do?2Jave2012-09-29 20:26:02
A few years ago I enrolled in an online university . I was impressed with the teachers, curriculum and class structure . I thought to myself : "This is just the beginning. I have to give it more time . " It's two years later and I'm still very unhappy at school. I would love to leave , but I 'm afraid I'm on the hook for student loans and scholarships. I sure do. Honestly, I do not feel the university is not fulfilling its part of the deal . The instructors ( most) are simply not enough knowledge to teach their classes . The reason I know this is because I spent a good amount of time in the industry who are trying to teach. In many cases , they actually have more experience, then they do on the field they are teaching , and I know they are teaching properly. Is there anything I can do to get out of this terrible situation? With them not holding his party to the contract , is there any legal basis for me to be in order to get out of trouble ?
My name is mike, i am an online college student. i need a student loan to pay for my family's living expences.0Debbi2012-10-07 03:59:29
Heres the deal, all my school related expences are served by federal loans . I'm about to have a family of 4 and I was out of work in a workers compensation case . my question is, is there some type of student loan that you can use with a co -signer , to pay my expences life ( about 15,000) that I can Deffer payment until graduation ? if so , how do I get it ?
Is it possible to get student loans for cosmetology school that helps pay for cost of living with bad credit?3amie2012-11-02 13:11:01
I am currently enrolled in a cosmetology program in Florida, but is a cheaper school in which they are more concerned with making money, you teach your students. I feel that I am not getting the education they deserve. A good friend of the kind recently moved north with his grandmother and transferred to a school of Paul Mitchell. My hours will be transferred as well, and I would start in September and was completed in March. I'd rather spend a little more and go to a school that would earn more and have more opportunities once they finish. Would have more hours and be able to take advanced classes to color, trim, etc. .. That would help me more in the long term. There are some Paul Mitchell schools in Florida, but do not live anywhere near them. Also, I would be able to attend school with my friend and pay a small amount of life to their income, compared with elsewhere. My only concern is that I'm close to 15K in debt because of medical expenses due to a brain tumor. I have no health insurance so it is quite difficult to pay for everything, on top of school. have been working, but just enough to cover gas needs. I had to stop due to medication complications. I'm out of school during the summer, and I have the hope of finding a job somehow to save a little money to move. Can I still get loans if you have bad credit? Also, loans that help pay their living costs? My plan is to be a full time student, so it would have the kind of over 8 hours a day most of the week, which makes it difficult to find a job to support my school schedule, let alone enough to pay the cost of living. I really want to do this. I've been talking about it for a few months with my friend, and would be a great opportunity. The only problem is that they offer. Any suggestions?
Do private student loans only cover the school tuition, what about living expenses?0sarah jane2012-10-26 18:42:06
I 'm not talking about Stafford Loans because it is a very small amount of money . Private loans please. How I can access them . Just I can get for the amount of the cost of school? I can get more ? School fees to cover living expenses ?
What to do for a college student stuck living with parents to afford it?0Tahjae2012-10-10 21:49:31
I have 21 years old and still lives at home because I go to school and can not afford to live on my own. It says on the FAFSA that my parents make a lot of money, so they can not borrow to move. I end up owing the school about $ 800 per semester, plus the cost of books, around $ 1,000 to buy cars for the year. I spoke and asked for financial assistance to help me and my parents tell me to do much and my grades are very average. I can not qualify for scholarships in the amount of my parents and my grades to average. I have to work around 30 hours - full time a week to afford to go, they also influence my notes. My parents can not and I will help. They spend money on tax returns that are tax deductible to the students and as a dependent, so it is out of the question too. This is not illegal, as are claiming me as a dependent. I looked at him and asked. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am completely independent and pay for everything myself. I buy my organic foods can be expensive, but I have a thyroid problem and try to take good care of my body. They will eat my food, even when they have no food. Also whenever I have to pick up things for my house very often and do not get paid back because I live there rent. Also stuck doing chores and carrying my little sister everywhere because he refuses to learn to drive. They are helping with the books when they start college soon and has never worked. I do not see them consistently told her that she lives rent free and not nearly as much as I do at home. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want out so bad because no matter how much food you buy is always eaten by someone else and plus I'm exhausted. I just want to do well in school to get into graduate school. I can not do well because of all the things you have to do just to get to school. MedlinePlus My parents also say that when I move I are taking your health, so I would not be able to see a dr for as cheap as I do now for my thyroid problem. I feel like they want me stuck here to take care of things at home. If I express my opinions in the least threatening to kick me out. I have a family that could live with but they live far away for me to go to school and I can not transfer schools so close to my graduation. I also can not live in BC bedroom flat-out do not you can afford. My grandparents help me as much as you can and have given me a car and sometimes help me buy books, but can not afford to help pay for a room or apartment. MedlinePlus All suggestions are greatly appreciated! It was not a question so long looking for advice. I can not tell a short story to save my life. Just want to know if anyone else in a similar situation and what they do to survive. I would like some information on cheap government housing or any option like that.
I'm a college student living at home who can't handle it anymore. Can anyone help?0Ringa2012-09-27 01:43:04
My family makes $ 100,000 a year, so my EFC is $ 21,000. This makes me completely ineligible for any financial need-based aid. The only help I get is ~ $ 6000 in my school loans. Since my parents are contributing a total of $ 0.00 to my education and refuse to make any loan for me, I'm in a bit of financial trouble. I go to a public school and live at home, tuition is only $ 10,000, and although I have a 4.0 GPA and am currently taking the maximum courseload, is proving very difficult for me to be able to raise scholarships. I barely made it to this year (the first year) and is almost certain to fall short for next year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My trip is an hour and a half and I have to take the bus every day (for an hour) instead of driving to school (which halved my travel time.) My schedule is very limited because have to match perfectly with his. This results in a narrow window of five hours each day for me to take classes. I have to be done by a certain time, and if I finished before that, I have to sit on campus waiting to take a bus to wait for them to come get me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not think I have a car and get one that is an unnecessary expense. They think the same of me coming out, even if I had the financial means to do so, I certainly do not. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My parents are very controlling, my therapist tells me it's very unusual, and I'm losing my mind are forced to meet their schedules, not to decide anything for myself, and basically has no freedom at all. I've been spending as much time as possible at work and in college my boyfriend (he is lucky to be an independent student who receives help as much as he needs) just so that I do not have to be home. Now they are trying to avoid driving to see him on weekends (who lives an hour away.) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In short, I can not handle more here and I see no real way around my living situation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My boyfriend and I are planning to get married, as it is considered independent, then also. I have already submitted my FAFSA for the upcoming school year, however, so that while marriage is an option for my junior year, it's just a long-term solution and is not going to help right now. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there some sort of aid option that I'm overlooking? I need $ 3,000 scholarship after my school just to cover for the next semester. My family refuses to help me, my school refuses to help me because my family is helping me, and I crawled sites and other scholarships Fastweb for hours to no avail. Clearly, getting a car is a short term solution, but as I said before, my parents did not want them to do and I swallowed my funds substantially, because they refuse to let me borrow. I know I can have my loan help my school set up for something like a car if I'm using it for school, but I do not know that that necessarily would be my best option. I have a savings account created from when I was in a car accident when I was younger that has $ 5,000 in it, but I am not able to access that money until I have 21, my mother is the only person who can enter the account at this time, and I know that she will refuse to do it for something like a car. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no interest in my classes anymore, because my life is so restricted. I have been forced to cancel their plans to leave classes early and take my brethren places, as it would be "more convenient" for my parents - no matter if it is convenient for me. I'm tired of being treated this way and I have to get out of here. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus tl, dr, My family is borderline abusive and I need a short term solution that can enact this fall, preferably before the summer. I'm not above drastic measures, as evidenced by my desire to marry at age 18 for financial aid. (I also believe that marriage is ridiculous, so I do not think I'm very serious about their marriage. Marriage is a means to an end, no matter what reason do it for.) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Perhaps Yahoo! Answers is not the best place to ask this question, but I can only hope that someone here has some sense and can help me.
Student loan to cover college AND cost of living?? ?2tena2012-11-05 22:30:02
I live in Michigan . I'd love to go back to school full time and enter a career that gladdens my life (unlike my current high voltage ) . I have about 1.5 years of schooling required to complete a bachelor's degree. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem is that you have a mortgage , car payment , and some small loans , and I can not shrink right now (especially with the economy and the housing market in the state) . I am willing to give up a lot (cable , shopping , nightlife ) , but it can become a land poor college student right now . My husband is now in school full time, and I am the breadwinner for us . ( and that's okay - he does dean list every semester ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've heard of people taking student loans to cover their tuition and living costs , in order to go to school full time and accelerate their education timeline. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this true ? How can you get a student loan that covers not only the university , but the bills and cost of living , too? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
The standard costs of living in North America (College Student)?1MAJESTI2012-09-06 01:08:07
Preferably for me and for renting a bungalow / upstairs or to live in a small apartment. Yes , I am a part-time student . Yes, I have a job, two actually . Working 7 days a week, go to school 4 days a week. I have no car and my commute to work and school is closed enough, but is close to reality. Only bills that would pay the rent , plus my student loans, and my phone bill. I pay the minimum wage , $ 11.50 in the two jobs. Right now I have $ 2000 saved. I have not searched or looked up the cost of rent for these places, so I'm not sure. But with the little information I have given what you think with today's economy I will be able to manage living on my own?
Am I allowed to use my student loan for college for things other than my tuition, living expenses, etc?0Aver2012-09-23 11:50:02
As for a car , a laptop , dormitory and school ? Or is that the bank really makes sure you only spend it on things directly to the university ?
I need a Student loan that I Don't have to pay back till after college (for housing, food, living)?2hayley golubski2012-10-12 23:36:02
I have 21 years and I have no credit history .. and would like a loan to apply online . Does anyone have any experience with this? Or any suggestions on where to look ?

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