My credit score is 511, does anyone know who will finance an auto loan with credit as poor as mine? related questions

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My credit score is 511, does anyone know who will finance an auto loan with credit as poor as mine?0blanca2012-10-19 19:34:29
I have to buy a car that is safe for my 14 weeks old and I , and I have some very bad credit . 511 to be exact . Does anyone know of a bank or online bank to go for a loan . I have good income , and a little below. Any information helps ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh .. just so you know that I have a fellow sighner , and there is no possible way you could get one .
Is it possible to get a dealership to finance a car loan for you with a poor credit score?3Lea2012-11-03 04:07:02
I have a very high income to debt ration , but has a bad credit score (592) and I wonder how it would be possible to obtain funding for a $ 40,000 car I have a lot of income to make payments .
I just checked my credit score and it's "very poor" - can i get an auto loan?3help please:)2012-10-11 08:39:02
I have no delinquent account , but I have a mortgage , car note , student loans , credit card debt , etc. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus With $ 1000 + payment and pay my current car loan , could still qualify for a new car loan on my own?
I have real poor poor credit and i need a auto loan can any one help?1sandie2012-11-03 06:36:02
my credit score is 518 an i need a car that I have a $ 1,000 down and work very well to good paying him for two years , but is the car I have now is going to stop working in a week, so that's why you need a car loan anyone knows any good loan comany that help people with bad credit
Whats the quickest way to bring up my credit score? mine is terrible and im not sure why? i have three credit?0Jarrad2012-08-26 14:46:17
letters that I have never been late for a bank loan guaranteed 've never been late on, and a new car so it was new two years ago , I have never been late on, there are some negative marks on my credit and have law lexington working in removing those . but my score does not seem to come up ! What I can do? I am a responsible , trustworthy , hardworking and I have a credit score toilet!
Is a credit score and credit history designed to keep the poor poor ?0chass2012-09-07 08:19:03
I have lived in three countries before moving back to the U.S., I was young when I left, so I never really knew about credit scores and so on. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now I'm a grown man living in the U.S. I've noticed that credit history can either make or break. In the other countries I have been have a system similar to that used but not SSN records the financial mistakes you made throughout your life MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Everyone says it was designed for employers and banks to see how responsible you are, but I find it hard to believe. It makes you irresponsible if you were fired because of the cuts and could not afford to pay your car note. It's really messed up because your credit report never shows why his car was recovered, it is not surprising that if the system was designed to see if anyone is responsible or trustworthy? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think this thing credit reporting winery was designed to keep the lower classes where they are. Of course, the lower class people stop paying their bills at some point in time, the government knows it, so I think they invented the system to prevent the lower class to get loans (student loans, business loans ), so that could never happen to the middle class and upper class over time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As for high-class people are financially stable so they can afford to pay all your bills on time. This gives them a good credit score and you can be approved for any type of loan (eg, business loans). This will then be more rich and upper class always MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I concluded that credit reports does not benefit the lower class people that is because they are just to get probably can pay bills, but not paid on time. MedlinePlus The U.S. government knows how to keep his people under control, is really sad to know that if you have a credit score in poor your chances of success in life are really low. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Its pretty hard to get ahead in this economy, and even harder to try to keep your credit score so you can get a job or a loan in the future MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When will the government give his people a chance? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and Why do we call our country the land of freedom, where everything is controlled. We even have to pay for health care ...... the government must really love .... smh
Question about credit score? is mine good or bad?1prashnildass2012-11-03 20:48:02
i pay my car loan , loan and credit card payments on time all but I have a few things in collections such as unpaid bills and cell phone accounts 100.00 denist .. my bad credit is due to this?
Who's credit score is more important? Mine or my husbands...he works, I stay home?1pheasant2012-08-13 11:21:38
We are working on cleaning up our credit, which is really bad at this time. I have received your credit report, but have not received mine. He has a full time job , where as I am a housewife. So in a year when we start looking to buy a house whose claim to care more ? His or mine? We will be working on mine too, but I think we should focus on first. He owes a bit more than me, because it has a car loan in their (good condition ). I do not understand all this credit and do not want to spoil for focusing too much on his mine more when the mine could come back and haunt us . I would like some advice. Thank you !
Joint credit. My son's score is 797, mine 613. If we become joint card holders - will that lower his score?1Camilo2012-10-08 07:02:03
I actually pay all your bills because it has Down syndrome . But I have a huge student loan debt and bad debt I refuse to pay , it is not mine. I do not want to hurt your score , but would like to improve mine. My recent history ( last 4 years is perfect ) - including a mortgage , 4 credit cards , revolving credit cards in May , a car payment , and all utilities . History student loan is perfect for the last 7 years.
I'm looking for auto financing, credit,loan. I have poor credit but an income of about $60,000 a year.?0levon2012-08-29 02:53:06
I'm trying to buy a car , a car specific Quattoporte 2005 Maserati M139 . I have $ 5000 so i need $ 27,000 to finance about 70 % of its value . I have bad credit , but with my other self and have a combined income of $ 60,000. I expect a rate of 20 % , or $ 750 a month not scar me . Does anyone know of a private lender will take me or maby tell me a way to find a lender ? I will refinance the latter only need the loan now .
Ads state loans approved for no credit, low or poor credit, then can't due to low score? I need $4K loan?2Bibi 172012-10-19 17:42:59
Internet Ads trusted names state can get personal loans for people with low , no, or bad credit , then you can not due to low or poor credit score . How I can get one of them to give me a loan of $ 4K depending on your advertising ?
Want to consolidate by credit cards with a loan but have no home and poor credit score, how do I get one?0Marvin2012-10-09 01:43:25
I have low score (615 ) and want to consolidate credit card loans . Now I have house, so no guarantees . How I can get a personal loan ? ( Only enoungh to pay my debts ) . How I can get a decent price ?

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