I entered the Army DEP recently, and planned on getting SLRP but they only offered me GIBILL? related questions

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I entered the Army DEP recently, and planned on getting SLRP but they only offered me GIBILL?0stepahnie2012-10-19 19:23:19
I signed a contract for four years , we stated that my 68X does not qualify for student loan repayment ? Is this legitimate , I was it was either GI Bill or SLRP ...
How does the army SLRP work?0Normalized sense 2012-09-07 13:47:03
Well, he enlisted in the Army Reserve and I I have a SLRP of : 20.000 . My recruiter told me that I can use it to pay off my student loans for college . But I heard that this only works if payment had already enlisted loans before . I plan to go to college in the spring of 2012 , so obviously I have not taken any loans yet. So who is right? Does the SLRP for 'm attending college , or how. Please help . MedlinePlus Thank you.
ARMY SLRP need help, please reply...?1Karley2012-09-17 04:36:03
i have consolidated my Stafford loans in a bank , Does the Army still pay my student loan ? All the credit I have consolidated federal student loans are stafford .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Furthermore , how does this SLRP ? At the end of the year you pay 1/3 of the loan by paying directly to the bank ? , So in three years the entire amount must be paid.
Army (SLRP)-Defaulted Loan?3Christophe2018-07-28 02:40:05
Hi folks, a quick question ... I am looking to enlist in the Army Reserve .. Right now I have student loans defauled but scored over 50 on the ASVAB to qualify me for the repayment of student loans. But in reading web pages online differernt the Army did not make a payment to a full year of service, and the soldier has to file the necessary forms each year for the adminstrator to the unit for payment of the army ... Asked if I get existing loans b4 i submit to the adminstrator unit is 1 year after enrollment but this will invalidate all my SLRP or will I still qualify .. It is very important to get the correct answer. This is kind of a deal breaker for me .. and there is a number you can call
30K Army SLRP but no student loans, will I be able to use it?2Butter2018-07-28 02:41:45
I joined the Army Reserve in February 2011 , part of my education benefits SLRP my contract was $ 30,000. He had just graduated high school, so I have no student loans. My recruiter told me that you can still use this money to far and borrowed money and incur the department during my six years of service commitment . This is the main reason that I am in a TIA a year in a difficult MOS instead of one month AIT just about the money . The point is that now that I
How do I get my SLRP benefits? (army reserve actively drilling)?7oso2018-12-14 00:05:35
I've been reading on various websites on the Loan Repayment Program Student . I have the 20k SLRP in my contract and I'm not sure how I'm going to get it? I know it's a little more complicated to process GI Bill ( IMO ) . anyone who knows or has personal experience that would be great .. thank you!
Question regarding Army: student loan repayment program SLRP?0Blake2012-09-29 14:44:04
I have Stafford loans and private student loans . Does the army paid for my two loans as a program SLRP ? ? ? My total loan amount of $ 34,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus any help plzzzz ? ?
We recently offered full asking price on a house, appraisal came in low...?1cycy2012-11-05 03:07:02
Sale price was 259.9K, we negotiated a bit and offered full price if the seller replacing the floors in the dining room or 250K and replace the floors ourselves (have to be replaced). He also called for the closing costs are covered. The seller indicated the total closing costs and pre-payment assistance. Seller renegotiated if we were to offer full price (259.9), and then gave us $ 3000 cash at closing of the plants to get done. We liked the terms and therefore proceeded with the contract. It sounded like a fact, with all parties interested and willing and happy. We have assessment yesterday and the house is only in the valuation of 225K! The appraiser was a VA approved appraiser, our loan is also VA. We are afraid that we are going to lose out in the house! We are a military family and has just moved across the country, had to stay in hotels and an apartment now expensive (availability). Basically drained our savings with this movement. With that being said, we simply can not offer more than the appraised nor are we able to come forth with what is required for closing costs. Obviously, no longer needs help with plants, as this is something that could take care of. I feel like the seller is having a pretty big success if it sticks to the evaluation. Both parties on the implementation of a short time, our lease in three weeks and are in the process of closing on another house. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Obviously, we want the best for both parties. Simply I can not imagine being in the shoes of the seller at the moment ... Side Note **: our agent is also his agent ... I know, not ideal, but it is what it is. We loved the house and she happened to be the listing agent. We love our realtor and would not think to find another. Is this going to bite us in the back?
How to utilize Army Reserve SLRP (Studen loan repayment program)?0Vivien2012-09-18 03:12:04
I need some money for college . How do I use my SLRP ? What is the total process from start to finish ? It's like taking out a loan ? What are the qualifications and funds are always available or first come ? How fast I can receive funds because school starts soon
What benefits are offered for enlisting in the air force reserves as a prior service army?0Bala2012-09-11 03:01:03
repayment of loans , GI Bill , etc.
Bank planned repo on me.?0jacko2012-09-29 17:24:03
I passed on two payments to bank took thecar away and gives me a deadline for making a late payment. Called before the deadline for late payment . the bank says no reason to make the payment and they say I have insurance on the car inspection and photo ( as an excuse ) I have the insurance before the due date and for the inspection of the photo could not have to do , Because alreday have my car and trailer company whos got my car does not give me my car back without any reason , jsut says he used to, so I can not fulfill that last excuse bank also stupid . So planned everything so that the bank can make more money by taking my car to repo and put the remaing amount in me . The loan was for five years I never missed a payment of up to one year . When I called my insurance company say the bank has nothing to do with the inspection of photographs . your insurrance company . usually every body gets 2-3 business days to get the photo inspection done. I filled a case to court and wondered what one can be the strengths to show that bank refused to take my payment is going to solve the whole problem . I use to make payments online also removed access line before I send the letter to make overdue payments . So I had option to make payments over the phone or email whn I called the bank to say they are not taking the payments was before the due date . Most of the communication that I have is on the phone and I am sure that you register evry . How I can fight my case . I was making payments they will not take it on purpose. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please advice is of great help to me and I would like to thank evry answer that comes to show off my case .
Unable to take someone of a joint mortgage because they have entered into an IVA?0---2012-09-14 18:25:05
I can not take my former partner a joint mortgage , even though they are willing to sign all documents . As we have entered into an IVA , apparently , the mortgage lender is not willing to accept a name change as it will affect a loan we had with them , which is still ongoing . The loan is unsecured and does not affect the mortgage still refuse to change their name. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can not re- mortgage with another company ( I've tried and where offered) , but can not change the name of my current lender , which leaves me completely and totally stuck ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can anyone offer any advice or guidance on this issue , as I'm not sure what to do next , I'm paying the mortgage alone, but I can not have my name on it alone ?

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