Is Brookdale lending a scam (

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A friend can not get a loan to save his life , but said " Brookdale loans " will give a loan of $ 5k . I said it's probably a scam , but I can not find anything online that indicates that it is . Flags up for me , as there is a list of numbers in the address or phone number on your website , you give your email and for more information.
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In fact , I just sent this money to the company ... I have here a description also ask people about it .... I have not spoken with Adam ... I talked to David Austin and Frank Ryan and pressing "0 " sometimes men and women get sometimes I get . The first time you sent the payment four months and then said that the reason I did not get my loan was for a new assessment made ​​for me and I needed additional coverage for three months . So I sent my dumb *** and this was Friday March 13, 2009 at 13:23 and have still not received anything . He told me that my money is deposited in my account within 2 hours . Better than going to a lawyer soon ... You will also receive the loan documents that says its legal snag with the president's signature on it with the name Samuel Kacy .... so I guess I 'll know something by tomorrow when they open at 10 am
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