College, I don't know where to start!?

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I want to go to community college , but can not seem to find the starting point . I got my GED in 16 ( I have 22 now ) and I've been out of the scene of the school for a while . I poked around online but can not seem to find the first step . I need grants or loans and I have to find out what classes are available . Can someone who has been through this before , please give me some advice or maybe just point me to the right path ? :)
Answer1ZackAnswered at 2012-10-22 18:26:04
hey I know you've been out of all this " study " thing . but never too late to start anything ..... ok first if you have to go to a community college and just go to any university community byt sure to study hard and maintain a good GPA and after 1 year of tranfer to a university better ... and yes that's it issuee money .. FAFSA and see what you get but community colleges are not expensve .. Ever went to private universities .. they rip u off since I'm in college and I'm very private in debt ! ! luckkk good
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