What would you say to your landlord if you couldnt afford to pay your rent?

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GuruBlue please answer I\'m so confuesed
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Because the unemployment rate here in MI awful havent been able to find a job . a job that is expected did not materialize due to the economy , the employer decided not to hire more people . believe me I've been out all day online and in search of a job. I am now enrolled in school , to take the money the government gives education benefits to spouses of deceased veterans . , But that doent place until Jan 12, and even then do not get the money immediately . You can not pay the rent I pay now . This was the second time I 've been late . I 'm moving as soon as I can ( in late December or before ) , the problem is also that the owner wants $ 2500.00 to break the lease . No I have to or I have the money to make the change , but will have to rob Peter to pay Paul to leave . Any suggestions ? Rent was due today 05 November. I have a little less than three quarters of the payment . I thought a friend would be able to help me with a loan to pay the balance , but that did not happen so now I am behind on payments again. Serious answers only please . I know there are other people in my position and I did not a laughing matter
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All you can do is talk to him and tell him your situation honestly . I wish you luck and I hope your situation improves.
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