Can't Deal With Leaving Paycheck to Paycheck?

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I'm trying to find a full time job , I am working as a cashier atm , only give about 17-25 hours a week can vary greatly. One week I can be 25 next week may be the 18. I also pay min wage I do every week around 120 for a total of about 480. General income level may be around 480-520 . I still live at home right now , so I have to pay any rent 188 a month , plus I have student loans and $ 178 80. Almost nothing remains . And it's getting frustrating. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can check online for jobs in my area , I go to the builder of the race , I can check the classified ads . It's so discouraging . I can barely keep up, it feels like I'm drowning in debt . Also I have a credit card with min payment of $ 32 per month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What the hell I can do?
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You must get rid of credit cards first so you do not have debts . Student loans can be repaid in a few years after graduation . You can always postpone because of difficulty or if you join the Peace Corps gives a large portion waived or become a master of the same thing applies . You have to call the HR departments of companies in your area to ask on the phone for recruitment. Hunting is better than anonymous online . Call direct management . Good jobs are never encountered by an ad. Being assertive . It looks good . You can also do home work childcare and elderly .
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