Medical transcrpition financial aid?

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i am unemployed in California , and is currently trying to improve my life by getting an education through for medical transcription . The online course is approximately $ 2700 , and I have $ 6 in my name. They seem to have a payment plan 3 or 12 months of the plan. only problem is that you have to have a job to pay obviously. apparently this online course is not eligible for financial aid from the government or governments . loan. I'm just looking for a course not a degree as other universities are out . I do not know where to apply for a grant and have been looking strongly about a month I'm starting to get really crazy ! Does anyone have any advice? !
Answer1AdolfoAnswered at 2012-11-03 03:10:07
This particular school may not accept federal funds, but there are others that do. You do have to be working toward a credential, but it can be a certificate rather than a degree. Many certificate programs can be completed in a few months, and the majority take less than a year.

I would suggest you keep looking for programs at other schools. Other than that, there really aren't a lot of options for you. Even private scholarships are not likely because most organizations won't fund something like this. The problem is that the government and most other funding bodies consider it to be a waste of money. These courses usually aren't accredited, so there are no standards to measure them by. They aren't long enough for you to acquire any significant skills. And most employers feel that whatever paper they give you at the end of it is meaningless.

You could easily obtain federal funding for education at a community college. Many CCs have online courses these days, and many of them are certificate programs that are fairly short in duration. I would suggest you look into one of those.
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