University of Phoenix financial aid process...Certification of Funds?

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I started attending the University of Phoenix online in April 2011. I am entering my last year of school, but since I've had nothing but a nuisance when it comes time for me to get my refund of my student loans. I understand the mistake I did attend this college. I had previously attended Penn State, but after the death of my father I failed some courses and had some problems. The only reason I went to UOP was because it was so easy to get. I knew I could get in and raise my GPA before transferring to a better university. But I know I feel like I'm being forced to stay in UOP. If I stay then you have to pay for my classes and credits and grades will be held hostage. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Back to the point of financial aid. When I signed up I told my advisor I would need my refund to buy a new computer. He said there would be a problem. Once my student account was credited the balance refund not give it to me. They said it was policy to keep the funds for 30 days to ensure that the student may complete the classes and not just take the money. After a lot of trouble and somehow get to talk to a person head I have my money. Next semester the refund after 21 days. For UOP policy should be disbursed to the student after 14 days of credit to the account. Finally, I wrote my FA advisor (who never returned any of my calls or e-mails) and told him I would contact legal representation if money was paid to me in 24 hours (after all, I have it in the impression that it is only 14 days). My money was disbursed that day. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now, December 05, I started my new semester. To date, I have never received an award letter or my financial aid has been credited to my account. I contacted my academic advisor contact my advisor FA. She said she sent my file to the certification by the end of November and it will take 4-6 weeks to get my award letter. First, what is this certification? Do with UOP or Department of Education? Also, when I started attending received my award letter in two weeks. How could you get so fast? Also, why did he wait until the end of November to send my file for certification? My average is 3.75. I made all A's and one B. I've never been in danger of being expelled for any problem. And, I have never dropped or transfer any course. I've done a lot of research, but can not find information on the certification process. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is not the same verification process through the Department of Education when you need copies of tax returns and other information. I had to provide any additional information. My advisor FA said my financial aid is fine and I get the quantities I'm supposed to. However, it requires certificate. Am I being jerks out there? Is this a real part of the process? Any information on this or any other action to be taken would be greatly appreciated. As I explained, I depend on that money to help my survival, while I try to better myself.

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