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I loaned a " friend" of mine $ 3000 with a loan to keep your motorcycle along with the title that was signed and it was open. this was the only way I agree with the loan and who had a history of problems with loan repayment and had stopped over. Also the day he was arrested , he asked me to pick up on his bike , as it broke and had no where to store it , so in the agreement agreed to repair the bike needs these repairs were $ 2699.89 . Because her past had the bike titled in my name and gave him six months to repay the loan . I knew I was going to try something and he called the police and said that made ​​his name in the title. With the full cooperation I let the sheriffs take the bike in possession and examined all the documents and checked the signatues was concluded that there was forgery and turned the bike back to me . He was ordered by the judge to set a bond for double the amonut loan he could not do. He still has until February to pay me to still honor . They even offered to take the original $ 3000 but he got angry and left the job and this was in the presence of the sheriff . my question is : Because the title is in my name , I am the legal owner of the bike once your loan period is up ? after being questioned by police and all the problems that this has been just me and not sell the bike to get all my money and return any balance . A lawyer I spoke to said legally I have the bike now . Any idea ? thanks

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