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Help with an ex and unpaid debts?1Mayette2012-10-24 18:16:02
I was with my ex partner for nine years , have two children together and a mortgage together . But a couple of weeks ago I learned that I had a loan ( unsecured home ) was not paid for the debt my ex was in his name . but the creditor has gone to court to ask that if the house is sold the 10K (which you should ) addresses them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But my ex does not live at home any longer and that is selling the car that caused the problem , because the debt is in the house I have to lose 10K mean when my ex sold the car has to give me half money when the car is sold
Leaving uk unpaid debts behind n going back home3Garz2012-10-26 15:28:46
" I have been studying in the UK for the past four years , I have accumulated a debt amounting to almost
I have unpaid debts from years ago, may I still qualify for a mortgage loan?3seal2012-10-25 17:23:02
Well , so the outstanding debt for years . Some of them might have already fallen, I 'm not sure. This debt was produced between 2000 and 2004 . Everything is from when I was broke and in college . Two small utility bills and credit card . MedlinePlus Currently , I am only responsible for my student loan payments and other regular bills like utilities and rent. I have no car payment , in fact, I paid my car payment last about 2 years ago . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus During the last 4/5 years I have had the good credit standing . I have steady job professionally since 2004 . I've been at my current job for 2.5 years. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The loan amount that I'm hoping is MedlinePlus $ 150,000 MedlinePlus Please provide knowledgeable and avoid trying to run your site so you can make a little money , thanks !
Can I still apply for federal student loans if I have lots of unpaid debts?0Curry cat 2012-11-04 01:35:13
I will need to file bankruptcy but also going back to school soon. How will having unpaid debts affect my application for federal student loans?
Do credit card companies or loan/banks get ur car for unpaid debts /loans?0David2012-10-15 22:45:03
do credit card companies or loan / banks get ur car debts / credits ? Unfortunately I lost my job two years ago . Now I'm working but paid very little about a third of what he earned so I can not yet afford. I can only pay utility bills .
Are there any grants that will help to off credit card debts, payday loans,car payments and student loan debts?6Hazel2012-09-14 23:11:06
Are there scholarships that help credit card debt , payday loans , car payments and student loan debt ?
My boyfriend offer me a loan to pay off my debts.He asked for repayment. Aren't couple suppose to share debts?19dil dil P2012-08-23 18:04:22
I always feel a couple has to share everything .. good and bad .. In my case, would my credit card debt . It hurts when the other party is still calculating ... asking for a refund . I thought the interest-free, I still find it painful. I would have to help pay the debts together , if he is the only one in my shoes.
What is the statute of limitations on old debts... not trying to duck bills but nonsecured debts from ten yrs?1Rashaad2012-11-03 23:55:01
my husband is eight years older than me and was not responsible when I was younger ... I tried to pay it all back ... He bought a house and now things that were not in the report are garnishing our wages . I just need to know Utah statute of limitations on secured and unsecured loans
Can I repay student debts with credit cards and then discharge the credit card debts with bankruptcy?1Llolah`2012-10-15 04:06:02
Like many graduates , I'm up to my neck in student loans - $ 100,000 + to be exact . And I 've been unable to find a job at all ( no matter in my field , I'm looking for something I can get at this time ) . The problem is that there is absolutely no way I could afford to pay even the minimum monthly payments and be able to pay other costs of living . Of course , lenders do not care - they just want their money as quickly as possible MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I also always hear : "It's almost impossible to get student loans forgiven through bankruptcy." But I was thinking ... A graduate could pay their loans by maxing out credit cards and then turn to bankruptcy to pay credit card debt ? Could it work ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm desperate - these loans stay poor and dependent on others forever and I have to do something . I'd rather take a hit to my credit score from bankruptcy and build myself back up they have to pay 3 times what I borrowed because I have payment plans based on income and extended.
Unpaid Council Tax...?4econs2012-10-01 12:05:04
Ok , you'll probably get a load of abuse for this but hey ho . I recently lost my job , and as a result have lost the last three months of payment of taxes. They are taking my partner and I to court for an order of responsibility. I went to the office and explained my situation and they gave me and the costs and how to fill income - which I did. With my new job (starting this week ) we have
Would citifinancial sue for an unpaid loan?0Xichenio2012-11-02 20:57:33
I have an unpaid personal loan with them and its harder and harder to pay. I have thought about re-financing but in all honesty, I would rather just let it go. I know it would mess up our credit, but its already bad enough. Do they sue the borrower for an unpaid loan?? Thanks
How can i sue my ex-boyfriend for unpaid loan?0fool2012-10-01 12:33:03
recently sent me a note via email , MedlinePlus however there was no endorsement, only your name and NRIC and expiration date . ? I can try this as evidence ?

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