Need more info about a charged off debt I have...please answer?

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I hope I can get some answers here ... I am very stressed about this. Tomorrow I will be in contact with the collection agency that has charged off my debt of $ 5,000 . I'm in Texas by the way. This debt was a credit I received from my bank and I racked up $ 5000 when I had a lot of financial problems and could not afford to pay anything when I was not working for 4 months. I had a payment plan with the bank when I found a job , but the plan obviously was not good enough for them so they gave this debt collection agency. I can not afford to give any signal or liquidate the account right now. All I can do is pay $ 200 per month until paid in full. Do any of you has passed a similar situation ? Be the wage garnishment is illegal in Texas , so no need to worry about that . I am financing a car , I own plane . I also pay rent , no mortgage. I have no secure loans whatsoever.
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going to go over what you have and the fact that you are making payments on your favor.sometimes will go even lower your payments when they take it to court , especially if you have children to take care agencies of.Also times collection try to scare you too.Have sent a notice for you to appear in court?
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