Help me HISTORY plzzzzz?

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... [ They were tried ] by a court empaneled from among the noble families , and sworn upon the sacrifices . The prosecution was taken by Myron . They were found guilty of sacrilege , and their bodies were thrown from their graves and their race banished forever. In view of this expiation , Epimenides the Cretan performed a purification of the city . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Part 2 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus After this event is held for a long time among the upper classes and the populace . Not only was the constitution at this time oligarchical in every respect , but the poorer classes , men, women and children, were the servants of the rich. They were known as well as Hectemori Pelatae as cultivated land from the rich to the rent thus indicated. The whole country was in the hands of a few people , and if the tenants do not pay the rent they were liable to be brought into bondage , and their children with them . All loans secured the person of the debtor , a practice that continued until the time of Solon , who was the first to appear as the champion of the people . But the hardest part of the Constitution and bitter in the eyes of the masses was their state of serfdom . No, but they were also unhappy with all the other features of their fate , then, generally speaking , had no part nor share in anything . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Someboy can summarize this for me plzz MedlinePlus paragraph 2 thanks MedlinePlus

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