I'm thinking about prostitution....? related questions

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I'm thinking about prostitution....?3Jennifer Blake2012-10-25 15:32:04
No need for people to be rude or anything , I'm seriously going through a difficult time right now. I'm a poor college student , and my family and I are about to be expelled from the house . Not even be able to go to college. And since I've lost weight , I got rid of a lot of clothes , so now I have no winter clothes and very cold . But we can not buy anything :/ I'm thinking about prostitution , and it pains me to think that way , but I know that would give us money fast without having to take out a loan or something ( already have loans ) . I'm a virgin , and very smart / talented , with a promising future if I university. I've never done drugs or anything like that . All around , I'm a good boy . But I know I have to do something to save our family , I can not let my parents and grandparents be evicted . I'm coming for my plans of prostitution or not , I need advice about being a prostitute to keep me safe . Nobody here is going to change your mind , you are on a computer , do not trust that. But it could also give me some advice , so do not get killed or in jail .
Ways to make money fast (without prostitution)?0Mr. Sandwich2012-09-24 15:36:03
I need about $ 5,000 year-end bonus . I have my full time job with good income , but I need an extra $ 5,000 and I can not get a loan because of a credit problem . How I can make that money ?
Could the Associated Press gloss over ACORN advising how to set up a child prostitution ring any more?7Sabrena2012-10-26 03:45:03
The AP reported this: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus "Hidden camera videos released by conservative activists posing as a prostitute and a pimp have shown ACORN employees giving advice on home buying and how to account on tax forms for the woman 's income ." MedlinePlus
How can a person come up with 1000 in a week with out prostitution ,selling my brain, pawning things?0Ruthie2012-08-28 00:12:02
I have a job that just needs some extra money to buy a car because I have bad credt a divorce so a loan is out of the question that I asked how to get it today but I have stupid answers , so just leave him a week or more , but I need a car as soon as possible
I'm really thinking about doing it. . .?0momof32012-11-03 22:11:19
I'm seriously fed up and I don't know what to do. Before I left for uni I was with a man for several years who raped and beat me. I thought I was in love. Coming away to uni was how I managed to escape him. It was hard but eventually I found happiness and a man who really does love me. We
Where is she thinking?1Alyna2012-10-21 05:59:55
Why a former FWB girl , whom he said " goodbye " , too often , contact me for a large ( 23K ) in short-term loans ? It can not and never will be , once again , any relationship between the two of us , for too many reasons to remember.
What is Obama thinking?4Arkuk2012-11-06 05:25:02
What about Obama ? We do not live in a socialist society.Taking over car companies , banks , health services , student loans.We not want more government.We not want socialism.Has the Democratic Party become the new socialist party ? Why do they want to stop capitalism ?
Thinking About Renting?0vance2012-08-24 10:07:23
I'm in college and about to have summer vacation is something substitution has been raised , and it just so high , I know that if I were to look for an apartment , it would be cheaper . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But then things come up , such as transport , heating , electricity and possibly even a roommate and these things add up . I have not a steady job or a car here . MedlinePlus Housing cost 6880, to around $ 982 a month , much more than an apartment . Since you live there for only seven months in total. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So what do you think, should I look for in my apartment during the summer school , get a loan for a car , etc ? I really need some advice.
Thinking of buying a car?1SIMP( secret important person)2012-10-12 20:42:02
I want to buy a car and I was wondering what is better to finance the car or just buying? I have enough in student loans just bought the car , but my mom says I have at least been funded by what I will do my best to credit later in the line.
Thinking of getting 2nd job, I need some advise.?0rio2012-08-24 22:30:02
So now my boyfriend and I have good jobs with decent wages . We bought a house and are making payments on that and have a credit card and a card from Best Buy that need to catch up , I'm a month late in paying my car payments to Rent- A- Center for bed , and now we have electric telephone and internet to pay ... and on top of that I 'm starting to pay some of my debts and my loan will be due in December. I get paid once a month , my boyfriend is every two weeks ... and are becoming trapped in this cycle of exploitation in our accounts . We exploited a fairly bad and have not been able to recover from her since. So my boyfriend and I are thinking about getting a second job for a while until we get caught again with everything. My problem is this ... I do not want people to know in my regular job if I get a part time job . I have a good job and help give advances , etc. .. I do not know why , I feel bad if anyone found out . So I was thinking of trying to find something online that I could do. Nothing crazy to me rich or anything ... just something to have a little extra money each week . Is it just pointless to try to find something online that is not a scam and I should go and apply at Walmart or something? Or is there a decent job at home online program ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you very much in advance.
Seriously Thinking of Bankruptcy,?0Defrim2012-10-14 12:19:51
Im 27 and have been struggling with debt all my life . It just seems to be getting worse every year and I want to file for bankruptcy . I am told that remains in its report of 7 - 10 years ? What is your 7 or 10? Is it difficult to get a car loan after bankruptcy because of my credit now refuse to give me any credit . $ 1,200 to file an attorney is a bit steep for me right now , is there any other way to make and I can afford a lawyer every week until my fee is met ?
I am looking for a car, and i have 2 offers that i am thinking about?2KIKSY2012-09-19 02:45:02
1st car is a 2000 Nissan Maxima for $ 8500 that 's a yes , 5spd and has 97,000 miles on it , in a small used car lot . The second car is a honda civic 2005 for $ 10500, it is an LX , 5spd and has 61,000 miles on it , in a Honda dealership and comes with a pa warinty powertrained for 100,000 miles . insurance for Nissan is a little cheaper and I have to buy the car with a loan , so it would coast a little after intrest . i did not do much, but the two cars affordable for me .. which one is the better buy ?

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