Can I still get the 1st time home buyer credit if I purchased a house with a loan from my father-in-law? related questions

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Can I still get the 1st time home buyer credit if I purchased a house with a loan from my father-in-law?0Hayley2012-10-16 18:55:44
My wife and I bought a house in July 2009 . We took a loan from my father - in - law to finance the home . He did not own the house , we bought except traditionally presented at the closing with a check for the full amount of my FIL and we have a loan agreement and payment schedule with him . He hired a lawyer and the whole thing was created legally . The house is in our name , my FIL just had money saved and wanted to give us a good loan rate and making him a better return on your money that would otherwise sit there . Are we still eligible for the credit ?
Should I buy a house? First time home buyer, suggestions?5jbcbjbi2012-08-25 18:11:19
I'll be 22 years in March and just started a new job. I have a boyfriend and a baby on the way and I wonder if I should buy a house. Right now I have about $ 70,000 in the bank and live with my boyfriends parents , but really want to move . It is convenient to live with their parents because the bills are only 'm paying for my car and an old student loan . You think I should consider buying a house or wait until my boyfriend finishes nursing school ? * We do not rent because it seems a waste of money ..
Should I rent a house or can I buy? (First time home buyer)?0Joshhua2012-10-06 04:05:57
I was about to sign a lease on a family home in Connecticut when a "Rent to Own " became an option (I think ) I'm looking to buy at present due to derogatory credit and no money down. Please tell me what I need to know in a rent to own situation . I have a couple of very specific questions : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) When the selling price will be agreed ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) What if I am unable to get a loan / funds at the time of the purchase agreement? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3) In addition to the monthly rental rate , the owner requests an additional $ 200 a month , which will go to payment at the time of purchase ... In addition to the $ 200 a month in addition to any payment of my monthly income to go towards payment / purchase ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4) I can wait / request the owner who pays the rent , report my monthly payment history to the credit bureaus ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Responses of experienced real estate agents would be greatly appreciated ! I'm having a really hard time finding a real estate agent will not push me or give me misleading information due to ulterior motives ... I know it's a tall order , but I really need help. Thank you !
I am a first time home buyer. Does anyone know info. on the House America loan Countrywide offers?2Misty2012-11-04 21:11:03
Also, does anyone know the pros and cons of a conventional loan . How do you know if the loan is secured ? I really need help I know nothing of the mortgage loans . thanks
Home loan - Bad credit! First time home buyer questions...?0Shevon2012-11-05 11:12:01
I have excellent credit, but I stay home with our newborn and 19 months . I work until I had my first child ... 19 months ago . MedlinePlus My husband works but has horrible credit . We have tried to clean up in the last two years , but still have a car repo 5k on it and just do not have the money to pay it all in one lump some point . MedlinePlus We are putting a great perhaps to our table . My mother can sell us their brand new small rented house built at this time for 80k when the value of at least 150k . But we can only pay 90k 10k but with the extras we want landscape and finish the odds and ends never have to. It will be repossessed poss - Long story , but with bad credit is poss to get a reasonable mortgage loan ? If so 90k what interest rate do u think ? Prop taxes are about 1100 per year and also have to add in annual home-style . Can we get everything exceeding 700 months au think?
Where can i go to get a home loan for a first time home buyer with bad credit?0Sioux2012-09-07 23:16:02
My husband and I are planning to buy a house . We need a preapproval letter for home we want ... but due to medical bills from a car wreck your credit is bad (554) .. need a 620 for 100% financing ... we ahve income and have less than $ 3,000 in debt ( credit loans Crads etc ) that are good for the money , but loan companies want to take a credit score of 620 or higher ... What can we do ?
First time home buyer tax credit loan?2shantelle2012-10-15 18:19:03
Ok , a relative thinks it's a good idea to take a personal loan of 8,000 to use on a down payment on a house (which has already saved some ) and use the new tax credit to pay the personal loan . I have a bad feeling about this strategy , but I really have nothing to back up my concerns . Any suggestions on why this is a bad idea, or is it really a decent plan ?
Is it possible to get a first time buyer's home loan with poor credit?1gianina2012-10-20 12:04:03
I am currently living in a home with my husband and 2 children is just too small for us . We had hoped to be able to take advantage of the $ 8,000 tax thing Gob been goin on for first time home buyers before the show ended . The problem is : 1 ) we have to wait until October to put money on a house , and 2 ) that both have poor credit scores (600 ) . His is because about 7 collections having thereon from hospital visits in 2007/2008 that , for some reason , never presented to your insurance (all the same hospital ) and are now having problems with that. Besides your credit is good , with 2 credits that have been open for a year now and have never been late ( car loans ) in . I just do not have any credit for some reason , despite having a car loan in the pass and a loan of $ 3,000 , both of which I was never late on a payment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Therefore, before you start trying to get a loan , it is even possible for us ? My husband works , he is a welder , and makes approx . $ 65,000 gross per year.
I am looking for a not-so-perfect credit first time home buyer loan...?1hsanetha2012-10-27 16:44:43
im getting married in July and I have no credit grat .... i dont have bad credit ... just not as good. I am looking for a home loan for the first time for my girlfriend and I ... any suggestions ?
What credit score do i need to secure a home loan for a first time buyer?1Na2012-10-08 21:00:02
my girlfriend and I would buy a house MedlinePlus DTI have less favorable , but they have a co -signer with great credit MedlinePlus i have a score of around 620 and 650 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How I can make sure by how much ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is the likely hood of getting a loan even MedlinePlus MedlinePlus we have limited credit and I have 24 years she is 25 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus please do not answer " try renting first to raise your score " or pay your bills first and then go for the loan
Will a home equity loan qualify us for the 1st time buyer tax credit?0Barbara2012-09-25 01:22:03
They put us in the writing of a home while " rent to own " (1 year ) and then , suddenly , the owner wanted the rest of the cash. So we took a home equity loan with the house to pay what he owed . Does that qualify us for the First Time Buyer Credit Tax ?
Can you get a home loan for first time buyer and consolidate credit cards with it?1Coconut Butt2012-11-05 21:02:02
Can you get a mortgage for first time buyer and the consolidation of credit cards with him?

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