How can I challenge federal demand for repayment of student loan when I attended school for only 40 days? related questions

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How can I challenge federal demand for repayment of student loan when I attended school for only 40 days?0elliot2012-10-16 07:25:05
Actually, I 'm asking this question for someone who has been approached by the government to pay a student loan taken out about 20 years ago . She is a senior who receives disability payments from Social Security for a psychiatric problem I had when I attended a trade school with the help of a federal student loan . She served approximately two months and then was unable to continue due to his mental illness . Apparently , the school continued to collect payment for the full course despite retiring early. And now the federal government wants to charge the total loan which now stands at $ 15,000 . (to be taken out of your monthly allowance of about $ 700. ) Can anyone suggest an agency in the state of New York that can help with legal advice ? She has no money to pay for legal assistance . MedlinePlus Thank you very much , Tony
How is repayment of loans the biggest financial challenge facing young adults today?2geekgirl052012-09-25 06:27:02
How is the payment of loans the biggest financial challenge facing young people today?
I need a student loan very soon. I start school in 10 days.?2britnee2012-09-24 02:37:02
FAFSA but I only got $ 1,250 per semester for a loan threw . I refused the loan SallieMae . But I had my mom as a guarantee and she has bad credit do you think would have been better not to have it there? .. So are some of the loans that you think are good . Im only 17 and my parents cosign not at all. I have to take as Friggin $ 5,000 now . I do not know what else to do . This must be a trick , because still I have a book for school.
Can you defer federal student loan payments from undergraduate school when going to graduate school?0Sara & Anonymous2012-10-26 11:22:56
I plan to go to medical school , but will have one year from the time I graduated from college and when I go to medical school . This means that I will have to start making payments on the student loan debt that have accumulated through licensing . All my debt loans are federal loans and was wondering if I can defer payments on my student loans until after you are done with medical school . I do not think I would have to keep making payments while in medical school , but I just wanted to be sure.
After which war did France demand repayment of wartime loans from America?0Charu2012-10-09 03:20:14
I have a multiple choice question here and I'm not sure of the answers . It goes like this : After the war , France : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. With the backing of the new nation (nation ) unconditionally MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. immediately became a sworn enemy of the USDA Agricultural Research USA MedlinePlus 3. demanded repayment of wartime loans MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4. None of the above
Student loans/only attended a semester?0EEMAN2012-08-21 03:04:03
In 2004 I attended ITT for one semester , never finished the program , and I'm still dealing with it for the day ... I have heard several different things , and you can never get a straight answer from anyone ... I hear you may be eligible for loan cancellation ... but I took my taxes this year ... I'm so lost in what I have to do ... It's more than likely have to pay back evil em im ok with that ... but every time I call Sallie Mae or U.S. funds or the guys that have been listed to say I owe em ... How I can just consolidate all these loans and pay only em off , or how I can get the loans discharged? ? ?
I need a student loan put I can't wait the 30 days for a federal student loan.?0jennie2012-10-26 00:27:43
My parents do not have good credit, what are my options for private student loans ?
Federal job benefit about "Student Loan Repayment"?0Miss2012-09-15 00:56:08
If hired as a federal employee, federal government will help me pay my existing student loan? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Say, I had $ 30,000 in college student loans , then I will graduate in December , if I find a federal job , it helps the federal government to pay me my student loan ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Federal Student Loan Repayment Incentive Program - what is it?1Charmin2012-10-07 04:58:02
I recently consolidated my student loans with the federal government . They offer a repayment incentive program , when I do my first 12 payments on time . I can find no explanation for what this incentive program is .... Anyone know ?
Please Help! Federal Student Aid Repayment?0mike Gee2012-09-28 00:17:08
I'm a senior in college , my father died before fall term and I decided to take a year off for personal reasons . I just received a bill from the education department to pay my student loans . Still I have a year of school left and I'm not able to start making payments. I plan to start over the fall of 2009 . Any help or information would be greatly appreciated . thank you
What repayment plan for student Federal Direct Loan should I elect?1Trudy & Mark2012-10-20 12:40:02
I have about 20,000 in loans to start paying the beginning of next year . I will have an income of $ 60,000 from July and will more than likely go to the next level of taxes in 10 years . What would be the most beneficial payment plan for tax purposes ?
How do you get the Dept. of Federal Student Aid to stop harassing you for someone else's school loan?0vash2012-11-02 03:18:24
After I have sent numerous letters with personal info. and even threatened to get a lawyer, this runaway federal agency is still harrassing me and defaming my credit for a school loan that is not mine.Can someone take a federal agency to the Supreme Court? Or is it better to just start contacting Senators and Congressmen to change the laws regarding federal harassment for wrongly identified loan accounts?

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