Bank made error that effected my credit report do i have any rights?

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in July 09 i requested an additional bank account with my bank I had woth 10 years who refused the reason that after investigating said I had an outstanding balance on your credit card from 2004. This was not true all my letters had been paid and I had received no letter statements, etc. After looking at this admitted fault and promised to clear this error and vacate and open a second accounf me for my direct debits. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last week I applied for a loan to consolidate my bills to be rejected again saying my credit score is not enough. I have my credit report online and I knew I had no outstanding feature and there was a great defualt credit card from 2004, no payments so the bank had not followed through there and I promise I went to the branch manager and as the last time I could not believe that she had not taken the case and within 2 days I have received a letter saying he is now off. The bank manager has spoken with the loan department who said they used to ride over and I'll have to wait until my score improves MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am very upset with this as the reason is that there was this error. It will also take months to build and I can not get a loan anywhere or anythin applie for more on that topic because my file is affected. I am very disappointed by the bank and now I can not even aplly elsewhere, as they have damaged my credit file from my saying that I had an unpaid debt for five years. Is there anythin I can do with the bank. I have written a letter, but I can not talk to anyone until late and they did not even have had to spend an apology I really needed this to help my financial situation. I paid a monthly salary each month so thay can see what I can afford it ..... i hate how they think they can affect someone's file, but then left us with the consequences

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