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Thinking of opening my own Shop?0 m1ng-3. -2012-10-15 23:41:30
With the lack of jobs especially where I live , I've been thinking about opening my own shop . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I found a great store of game and know what I want to sell (clothing for children aged 10-16) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That's basically all I know ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are the basic steps you need to know if you are thinking of opening your own shop ? MedlinePlus I live in a small town where most of the high street shops are hairdressers , coffee shops and charity shops . We will have a tesco opening in a few weeks , but in my experience it is very difficult to buy clothes for children from 10 to 16 ! Online shopping or traveling at least 40 miles is the only way to get clothes for that age group . MedlinePlus I know you need a business plan to try to get a business loan , but the crucial thing before all that , I want to know .
I need advice on opening a shop where should i start?1fazilah edwin2012-08-31 15:32:05
I need advice on opening a hobby store ? MedlinePlus these are my favorit things to know about the most . and understand that this is a business . so yeah fun business law first second , so I do know and it takes up a lot and is very, very slow . But I have the time for it why not right . and I have people who are willing to help as much as possible so my point being is that I need some advice as to what forms im going to have to meet if I take a small business loan , and what other forms everything should be legal and good. Then I can get help?
Opening Comic and Card Shop?0Myles2012-09-02 02:45:03
Heya guys , I've been thinking about this for a long time , and I have become very passionate about it ... I live in a city where there is a comic shop / card around a few miles , and I've talked to many people in the community , and the hassles of driving has become far some people . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I really, really want to open my own place . I'm getting ready for college , and I wonder if anyone has any advice ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Courses take ? Websites and phone numbers of comic / card wholesale suppliers ? Tips to get loans from banks? Thank you !
Opening up an aquarium shop. Good idea? Possible?0koala2012-09-14 12:13:04
I live in a big city that has only Petco and PetSmart to pet stores . I've been seriously thinking of opening an aquarium shop here . The city has about 50,000 people , with many small towns that have described 3000 in the population of each, within 50 miles . There are two other aquarium shops about 40 miles away, and the oldest , the old man has come to old to take care of her , and their tanks are always rough, and the fish are always sick or dead . In the aquarium shop , man specializes in saltwater fish , so I feel like I really have an advantage knowing freshwater fish very well . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My problem is , is that I have 21 years , and I have no credit . I had some medical expenses that put me in debt , but now that they are paid, I'm starting over. There are a lot of aquarium enthusiasts around here , and most difficult of all is the fact that , for both fish and aquarium equipment , you have to go to 5 hours to the big city to get something decent or have any variety , or you have to order online , which makes things incredibly expensive . I also know that fish tanks cost a lot , but would it matter if using pre - used fish tanks in my store ? Oh, and there are all kinds of banks that provide small business loans for this? and in my situation ? I have no savings rate , as my husband goes bankrupt because I foreclosed on a couple of years ago , so it would not be involved in this at all .
Opening a skate shop (business) abroad?0kalene2012-08-13 00:38:38
I am a American tobopen looking skate shop abroad. I wanted to know about small business loans for forginer , etc, etc. Besides these 3 places where it would be better to open a skate shop successfully. (London , Paris , Barcelona) ? I'm looking to open a skate shop with a very unique touch American Wild ! Also, please feel free to add what ever information you think I should know . Thank you.
I need some advise on opening a small coffee shop?0gmoney2012-11-04 00:09:02
I have no implementation so go in the form of loans or grants . I have experience in managing a company as well as the accounting aspect of things. Can anyone give me some ideas on what should be my first steps ?
I have a business concept on opening a candy shop. To get franchises or partnership.?1Abdulkasim Akhmedov2012-10-11 10:22:03
I have contacted a supplier overseas candy shop . And the company is interested in partnership overseas. Basically , they sell chocolate candy sweet , and some of his own label soft toy . I am considered a newcomer and has no reason to turn around and want to get into this business to bring the products in my country , but it is hard to know where to start . Basically , I do not know where to start . How I can convince the other party to participate in , or do I need a business plan ? How do I start , as is the interest ? Do I seek an angel investment , or should I ask for a small business loan ?
Thinking about opening a sports bar.?0mokoena terry2012-08-25 11:22:19
I live in a small town that could use a single sports bar . I've been planning a sports bar for several years , but never take you to that next level , because you will not know what to do , what the next steps are , and what the laws are . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone have any idea what would be my first step ? We ensure lonely being a problem ? I have excellent credit, but I prefer it my business to get the loan rather than chance ruining my own credit I should fail this company . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help at all would be greatly appreciated .
Thinking of opening a small business in So cal?1simi2012-10-11 00:18:04
My husband is thinking of starting a small business that is required to apply for a small business loan is no denying that if all you have is outstanding credit ... any and all tips are appreciated please .... looking all the pros and cons ... be a small tire business .. in the City of Orange .. are better than other banks when applying for a small business loan ... HELP U.S. U.S. first time and do not want to be UP eatten alive out there ... But if we get the business loan 'm sure ( not blind ) ... things are going well it's just getting the loan are not sure ?
What's the best way to shop around to refinance my car?0kiny0308762012-09-13 17:12:04
How I will try to get the best deal out there , because now my payments are a bit too expensive ( $ 405/month ) to be exact . MedlinePlus I can not afford that much right now. I'm thinking of selling this car . But I think you might as well just sell refinanance before (maybe two months in the future) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also I have some guarantee of wheels and some other additional warranty on my car ( $ 2,000 penalty ) . I was naive when I signed it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will also be included in the loan or independent ?
I want to open my own tea!?3dda2012-11-02 23:54:03
Hello, I can help ... Is there still a market for this type of business? I'm moving to a busy city beach in Ireland, so good location. Very passionate about doing this, but only lack of information and guidance. Any help is appreciated! How to put together a business plan? Who do I approach / talk? How much money will I need in advance? If you do not have enough, where is the best place to buy a loan? How I can find the best suppliers? If you opened your own business, how? I know I should see more competition and prices, but what have you done this? How do I know I'm getting a good price for buying in bulk from suppliers and how much I can sell each item? Are there rules and regulations costing? I do not want to overload or undersell. I want to start small - maybe a small desk with a table and chairs for a few. Do you think this is feasible? I do not want to open a cafe, as such, and serve hot food. I'm looking in tea, coffee, pastries, sandwiches, etc. What are your thoughts on this? I know there is a large market for coffee and you have to be good. Where I can find decent products? Is it better to buy or rent a tent? If renting, how much should I expect to pay for small venues? How long is the lease usually for? 3 years? In addition to liability insurance, water rates, electricity, etc. What else should I expect to pay and more or less what cost? From what I read, it is advisable to buy / rent a coffee and make improvements to it, to avoid having to buy all the equipment. However, if the store did not come with all this, can advise what is needed and at what cost? For example, I advise you buy a machine that combines tea and coffee or one for each one separately? If any of you have successfully opened a small tea / coffee, how you go about your start-up and how much did it cost? Ideally be looking for work in the shop with another person, so I know he would pay a salary. Where is the best place to advertise for staff? What documentation must I have to take the staff? I am willing to open at 8 am to catch the workers and, ideally, about 2:30 pm. What are your thoughts on this? Would you advise a close on Sunday only? I also considered providing snacks to businesses during lunch. These would not be if inhouse. I would be looking to buy these from a supplier. Can you give me an idea of ​​how much they would buy a sandwich for and sell it for? I know I would have to source a good accountant. Is there anyone else I should be seeking professional advice? Last but not least is the benefit. As I never open my own business before, what kind of benefits should be the goal to do? I am good with numbers, but if you can explain in detail, which would be helpful. I appreciate any help you can offer. I have so many questions, but it would be good to hear your comments on the above first. Best wishes, Paddy'sgirl!
Cosume Shop Need Help?0Asia k.2012-09-08 04:47:03
Hello I am looking to start a costume rental shop in Aust , I need ideas for names of companies that attract attention and also if anyone has a costume shop I need an idea of costs to configure everything so that I can apply for a small business loan from the bank . Thank you !

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