How does Army Student Loan Repayment program work?

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dyoll seyer
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I have the SLRP 30k as one of my enlistment bonuses . Currently I have around 9.5K loans. How to pay for this army . I also think I would use it would be completed . So let's say i get another 20k in student loans . The army pay that? Im a reservist with a little over a year at the time of service. Details please.
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not how it works. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus only pay the amount of loans you have now .. subject to a ceiling . so you would only receive $ 9.5 K paid off ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus pay only HOME . interest is all about . pad is in 3 installments , 33% of the total balance na \ at a time. first payment after reporting to their destination first. the final 2 year ( y2 years) later.
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