Best places to buy used guns in San Antonio, TX?

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Chillin Dylan
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I'm on a very tight budget right now and need a gun quickly so you can get a better paying job as armed security officer . I can not wait for my student loans or my tax return next year. I've been to several pawn shops and all weapons are expensive , are even selling weapons used Hi Point for $ 200 when you can buy online new for $ 150. I really do not want to pay the $ 50 fee to have the gun transferred to a gun shop and I'm not sure I want to buy a Hi Point , I can have my gun jam when I have to protect myself . I also went to a couple armories and weapons are also expensive . I have less than $ 200 to spend right now. If you know of a pawn shop or a gun shop that is inexpensive weapons used , please let me know , I would greatly appreciate it . I'm looking more at least 9mm or and no matter if it's a revolver or semi - automatic . Thank you.
Answer1Eunice KimAnswered at 2012-11-03 12:04:11
try a pawn shop or garage sales
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