What do you need to do before going to a pawn shop?

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What do I need to do before going to a pawn shop ? MedlinePlus I decided to sell some jewelry and an old Olympus camera to my local pawnshop . I've never been to one before and do not know what to expect . MedlinePlus I have separated the jewels into bags by category : earrings, pendants , bracelets , etc
Some of the jewels are silver , some are yellow gold and white gold is true . They are separated by metal. Should they be? MedlinePlus What about things that writing is so small I can not even tell if it is gold , silver , or something else. MedlinePlus Some of the jewelry is the diamond , while another is CZ . This material was acquired for years and years and now do not know what is real and what is false . Do you think I was going to start and tell me something is CZ , when it is actually diamond? MedlinePlus In addition , the jewelry is mostly used and some of it is tainted. Do I have to clean myself before taking it to the pawn shop ? I have no silver cleaner but I saw online that the use of baking sun dissolves in hot water clean silver. I've never cleaned my jewelry before - besides just hot water and a toothbrush . Is cleaning before taking it to a pawn shop need ? MedlinePlus I understand that I will have very little to what I'm bringing , but jewelry is hardly used and you really need the money as soon as possible to pay the bills . MedlinePlus Also, you can get cash the same day you bring jewelry for sale? MedlinePlus I do not sell the jewelry , pawn or pay the same .
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it is not necessary to clean and usually weigh or test it in front of the customer as a reference . They magnifying glass to look at the identity. You will not get much , but the money will be paid immediately. You need to identify selling a pawnshop. MedlinePlus If you have something good in white gold with or without diamonds , contact me , I might be interested .
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