Can anyone give me some life advise?

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So ... I have 21 years . He had to leave school because they are not entitled to any financial help , and could afford no more because I layed off my job pretty decent . ( I have no credit and my parents have bad credit , so I could not get a loan ) . So now I am back home living with my parents in the middle of nowhere texas doing very close to the minimum wage . Probably take me home ( after helping my parents with bills ) $ 500 per month . That still has to put gas in the car ( approx $ 200 per month ) , plus misc . Expenses . Also I have health problems that prevent me from joining the military . I really do not know what else to do . I have asked a number of other works and havn't gotten any of them because in their eyes , all I have is a high school diploma . I've also considered opening my own business , but seeing that I now owe my old college $ 7000 (which is now , of course , with collections because my payment of $ 50 / month wernt enough) I can not get any type of loan . What would you do ? I'm so lost . I do not want to be dependent for the rest if my life .
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Any second job would be helpful , even if it's only 10-15 hours a week.
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