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Up to what point are college loans worth it?0ALWAYN DAVIS2012-10-15 03:27:11
I get good grades (I am an honor student) and the lowest GPA I've ever had was above 3.5. My father died but left my mother the money you've invested mostly and she expects me to borrow deferred college because she does not work or have a university degree itself and that the money was left to her to live outside and maintain the house. For each year spent in school forces me to take 24,600 in loans (not including summer semester that my mother is pushing for) and the interest rate and deferred payments after leaving school Sallie Mae has estimated the cost of this year only about 47,000. I am not eligible for most need-based aid (Perkins) and I get half of my tuition scholarship covered my private university is. My mom keeps pushing me to go here because it's one of the best universities for women, but she does not seem to understand that even if I became a pharmacist or a highly paid doctor I take millions of years to pay and she really can not help me pay my loans at once because, as I said, the money is invested and can not throw everything at once. I've been trying to work, but it's hard to balance work over 20 hours a week and maintain a good GPA otherwise you run the risk of losing an academic scholarship if my grades drop. It is also too late to transfer out and even attended a state grant my mom does not understand that all my scholarships would not be transferable, it would be unlikely to give me a full scholarship (and that goes for anywhere, even if you have a 3.8, since its extremely competitive) and although doctors can do more than 200 thousand a year its still a lot of money. I know she wants me to graduate from here, but ultimately I do not think it's worth getting into debt and the possibility of having to sell my house and not be able to afford a car once and live paycheck to paycheck . I looked at a community college program can be fully funded by GE (except books) that would give me a guaranteed job, but not necessarily have an interest in that field. I've been in search of scholarships and participated in essay writing contests and introduced many forms online in the hope of getting a scholarship. Since my father died my enrollment has also risen. I do not know if I should stop going to school here and go to a community college or if I should take loans at a state university
Do you think life is worth living if you have bad credit? Sometimes I feel like their is no point. ?1lindaprice2012-11-05 02:09:02
Bad credit loans , can not , can not get a car , can not get an apartment , you can not get a house , sometimes a job , etc. So what is the meaning of life ? Sometimes I wonder if in this economic time suicide is the best option . Do some people think that? That life is not worth it unless you have decent credit or good?
Should I take $5500 worth of student loans to buy a car for college?1raymondtanyj2012-10-03 17:06:07
I is offering two loans , which is worth $ 5500. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Pros ; 1. With a car of my trip to school will become 15 to 20 minutes compared with a bus ride of an hour. MedlinePlus 2. My schedule is more flexible which allows me to keep my job at Carl's Jr. without the car I do not see how I will manage to have a part-time work and school on the same day . MedlinePlus 3. Family problems so a car does not make me a slave to my own home . MedlinePlus 4. If I lose my job now my radar could extend employment. Which means you can get more work out of my home. And that means more jobs to apply too. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Cons : MedlinePlus 1. $ 5,500 in debt
Is going to the perfect college worth twenty thousand dollars of student loans a year?0Erub2012-10-26 14:11:37
I've narrowed my choices down to two schools MedlinePlus the first is Cal Poly San Luis Obispo ( 20K/yr ) housing hard school , not guaranteed to freshmen , but remains one of the best engineering schools MedlinePlus MedlinePlus the second is in Worcester Poly Institute Worcester MA ( 47K/yr ) believe that a school is ideal, as it can not be as strong in engineering , but runs on a trimester system ( in 7wks , 10 days off , etc. ) , only three classes per quarter , and a small town atmosphere that I feel most comfortable with . Also got a scholarship 10K/yr cutting them money MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The only aspect that is stopping me is money. My parents are willing to pay for either school 20K/yr ( Cal Poly paid off , WPI + Grant = 17-20K/yr loan ) I can see my self in WPI fit much better to go to Cal Poly SLO . But coming out of college with 80K seems much debt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Plz help , im desperate for answers !
Help easy point college help!?0princess missy2012-09-11 09:18:08
I take at least 4 classes this summer it would be like two classes every two months and I think it's definitely possible ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus then I can take fewer classes in the fall and spring and would like to devote adequate time to each class . Or could graduate early . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I dont have anything to do during the summer for summer online courses would be perfect . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus the only problem is that I used all my financial aid and I can not afford this MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I have a loan would not be able to pay until 6-4 years from now ...... because I like to do this every summer . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus make college cheaper this way? MedlinePlus because they pay about $ 2,000 each semester after financial aid and scholarships apply MedlinePlus How college classes ?
Is college really worth it?2Roberto2012-08-20 10:42:26
I've been going for about 2 1/2 years, but only to my community college (I'm a little behind ). transfer sounds great financial cost to enter .. Id probably be $ 100,000 of debt if you really persue my degree (assuming I get into graduate school ). and even after all that ID can only be about 40-60 thousand dollars a year (physiotherapist ), that's nothing compared to all bills have ID with student loans , car payments , bills , blah, blah , blah .... Someone has something to say? at least something funny to cheer
Is it worth starting college at age 30?1spelling-grammer2012-10-23 13:07:02
I recently started going to school and I have zero credits. I am married and I have children with a good job (not the best , but I do it correctly ... the houses , the cars , the basics ... ) . My main problem is that I know it will take more than 6 or 7 years to finish ( BA ) , because I know I cant attend full time , and I do not know if I have the time and patience for it considering that I have too many priorities that I feel that I must attend to first . I was wondering if anyone has been in my shoes and if it was worth ... or not worth it.Considering student loans us as much as my mortgage ... Is it really worth it? Also all the students in my class are kids just out of high school , the other day a guy told me that he is saving money for ai pod ... Would I be kidding ? I feel like I did not belong there for some odd reason ... I feel like I'm wasting time and money on something that does not guarantee to consider this beating economy , $ 700 dollars per class ? damn hard time these days ? and that's only community college .... go , I do not know how much is a university . Talk to people ... I just want to make sure I 'm not wasting time and money .
Is all this college debt worth it?1krysten2012-09-21 15:27:02
Hello , I'm about to start college this fall and I just wonder if all this accumulated debt that I will pay off. My plan is to have 60,000 in total for the next four years . I am beginning to question everything . I see so many college graduates in the district back to their parents lament the poor job market and often have large loan repayments and therefore put their families with financial stress . I'm hoping that the job market will improve when I graduate so I can pay my debt . You think I'm making the right decision . I 'm majoring in Journalism and I'm certainly a top 50 university .
Is college debt worth it?2Sashaank2012-10-05 19:47:02
Hello , I'm about to start college this fall and I just wonder if all this accumulated debt that I will pay off. My plan is to have 60,000 in total for the next four years . I am beginning to question everything . I see so many college graduates in the district back to their parents lament the poor job market and often have large loan repayments and therefore put their families with financial stress . I'm hoping that the job market will improve when I graduate so I can pay my debt . You think I'm making the right decision . I 'm majoring in Journalism and I'm certainly a top 50 university .
Is having a college degree really worth it?1marlyn2012-09-01 17:03:02
If your answer is yes , then what degree do you suggest people get ? As for me , I worked and went to school took me six years , and took over a dying father and maintained a 3.0 GPA .... I have over $ 30,000 in student loans he owes me . The total cost of my college education was a little over $ 60,000. He has a degree in business administration . which in my opinion really is BS ! It took me over a year to find a job even .... I applied for many jobs ... was on all job sites I could find on the Internet ... just to finally get a job that pays $ 30,000 per year, reaching a net salary of $ 24,000 and I'm still supposed to pay off student loans ... Fast forward, six years later, I am still working very hard and my employer ( too big to fail corporation) does not compensate me but expects me to meet unrealistic deadlines / goals ... then add in working in a toxic cut throat environment where you have to constantly look back ... Oh, and the kiss of death statement .. "Shut up and be happy to have a job " and make sure that corporate slave to continue taking the pill happy ! !
Anyone Been Scammed by First Point Loans?0Snow2012-10-03 13:26:37
On December 1, 2007 I was contacted by Owen Adams Loan first point. I left a voice message saying it had been approved for a loan by one of its lenders. I do not even remember Appling for a loan with this company! I called again on Monday and he proceeded to tell me that he had been adopted by a private lender for a secured loan in the amount of $ 5,000.00. The only condition was due to my credit history would have to send the $ 900.00 per gram of money and the place once he had taken, the money would be connected to my bank account within 24 hours. Therefore, since I am a single mother struggling to get by and is the Christmas season, I went against my better judgment and sent the money on 05/12/07 in the amount of $ 900.00 plus $ 14.16 hanlding fee that they said would be given back to me w / my loan. The next day, the money was in my account. After numerous attempts, I finally got through Mr. Owen Adams and told me that there had been a problem w / lender. The lender needs an additional $ 900.00 for my loan to be sent to me. This amount was to secure the loan. So, I sent another 5.12.07 money gram in the amount of $ 900.00 plus $ 14.16 handling fee. Again, I was told that my money is deposited in my account w / n 24 hours of operation. Well, two days passed and still no money in my account. Again, I have tried to contact Mr. Owen Adams and he proceeded to tell me that the lender had withdrawn the loan and his company would take out a class action against them. When asked who was the lender, said he could not say for privacy reasons. He told me that my file was being transferred to his supervisor, James Green, and that he was the "I could do things and make my loan." Well, I spoke w / Mr. Green, after numerous attempts, and he said: "GOOD NEWS" a new lender had accepted my loan on the new amount of $ 7,000.00. All you have to reach would be $ 1,800.00. I told him that I had already sent his company $ 1,800.00 and could not send more, and I just wanted my money. He assured me that he would get to the bottom of things b / c once the lender agrees that it can not get out of a loan. He called me and said he "personally" spoke with the lender and that they would give me a loan of $ 7,000.00 w / n 24 hours if I sent $ 800.00 plus $ 14.16 (fee). I told him this was starting to sound very funny b / c I had all that money to send a loan then you need to get started. Once again assured me that my money would be in my account c / n 24 hours of operation to send the money gram. Therefore, borrowed $ 800.00 from a friend and sent another $ 800.00 on 12/12/07. This time, money gram was sent to a different person from the last two. The first two had to send in Boykim Jenessesa Cowan, Alberta Canada. The latter was sent to Melissa Rutty in Winham, Ontario Canada. After sending the last ounce of money in the amount of $ 800.00 plus handling charges called Mr. Green again like the two times before w / reference numbers. He said again that I would have my money in my bank when opened the next day, which would have been 8:30 a.m. 12/13/07. I asked again, he was sure about it and it really sounded like a scam and that if I was to pursue all avenues to the fullest extent. He said no, that is not how our company works. On 12/13/07 at 8:30 I called my bank and there was nothing there. I tried all day to get to Mr. Green and never got a response. I finally got to him in the afternoon and once again had an explination. He said he would get with the accounting department and to call back in 20 minutes. I called again and told me he had been on the phone w / their accounting dept. and he had spoiled out b / c of the service you have been getting. The new delima was that there was some kind of tax that is supposed to pay b / c the funds came from Canada. I told him that nobody had said anything about paying any taxes and I just wanted nor my loan or my money. She told me my money back would take two weeks going through another department. He asked me to call back in 20 minutes and he would see what coudl work. Therefore, it called again in 20 minutes. He said his company had agreed to pay the taxes for me, but would not be able to pay until your next pay cycle and that was the Friday, December 14, 2007. So he said to call him that Friday around 12:00 and he let me know what was happening, but he assured me that the funds would be in my account by Friday night at midnight. Well, I called early on Friday and all I have voice mail. I left a message but never received a return call. I contiued to call and still all I have voice mail until Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm. When I called this time, I have received a new message that says: "Universal has been put on hold, please contact customer service", then the message is stopped and the call ended. He gave a phone number for customer service. I've been trying to call all weekend and all day today. I got in touch with the Money Gram office Friday afternoon and all he could say was that the money had been arrested but could not give me any information unless he had a lawyer to get the records for me. They gave me a number to report fraud to the government agency. I gave this company all the money I had, so now I'm going to lose my car, my house, and I have no money for food, gas, let alone Christmas. I'll get back at this company. On top of that, I have had two companies call me w / n the last two days with the offers of the same type. Please, if anyone has more information please pass it on. It is up to us to stop these people b / c that prey on people w / poor credit, trying to get ahead, and people who do not have much money to start. MedlinePlus Sincerely, Erika
Is it worth it to go to an out of state private college?0Stormy2012-11-02 10:54:03
I have only one opinion that there is no bias from my parents or friends . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I come from a lower middle class and most of the money out of my pocket . My parents tell me to go to a community college for my GE and transfer , but it would take three years to complete instead of 2 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus On the other hand I'm looking forward to BU , which is a private university . I was wondering if this is worth it . Should I go for the 3 years of college or just a waste of my time in studies to be my specialty ? Whenever you reason it , it is a large or loan student three years of GE . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus can give a bit of advice?

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