Up to what point are college loans worth it?

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I get good grades (I am an honor student) and the lowest GPA I've ever had was above 3.5. My father died but left my mother the money you've invested mostly and she expects me to borrow deferred college because she does not work or have a university degree itself and that the money was left to her to live outside and maintain the house. For each year spent in school forces me to take 24,600 in loans (not including summer semester that my mother is pushing for) and the interest rate and deferred payments after leaving school Sallie Mae has estimated the cost of this year only about 47,000. I am not eligible for most need-based aid (Perkins) and I get half of my tuition scholarship covered my private university is. My mom keeps pushing me to go here because it's one of the best universities for women, but she does not seem to understand that even if I became a pharmacist or a highly paid doctor I take millions of years to pay and she really can not help me pay my loans at once because, as I said, the money is invested and can not throw everything at once. I've been trying to work, but it's hard to balance work over 20 hours a week and maintain a good GPA otherwise you run the risk of losing an academic scholarship if my grades drop. It is also too late to transfer out and even attended a state grant my mom does not understand that all my scholarships would not be transferable, it would be unlikely to give me a full scholarship (and that goes for anywhere, even if you have a 3.8, since its extremely competitive) and although doctors can do more than 200 thousand a year its still a lot of money. I know she wants me to graduate from here, but ultimately I do not think it's worth getting into debt and the possibility of having to sell my house and not be able to afford a car once and live paycheck to paycheck . I looked at a community college program can be fully funded by GE (except books) that would give me a guaranteed job, but not necessarily have an interest in that field. I've been in search of scholarships and participated in essay writing contests and introduced many forms online in the hope of getting a scholarship. Since my father died my enrollment has also risen. I do not know if I should stop going to school here and go to a community college or if I should take loans at a state university

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