Who do I contact if a Payday Loan Co. put money in my bank when I don't think I signed for it?

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Asked at 2012-08-13 09:53:03
Okay, to make a short story of shit, a few months ago I was looking for lenders payday loans online. I went to several sites and fill the necessary information to see if it was approved or not. At the time of my credit card was not great , so I did not receive any bids. But after several months later, when I checked my bank account I found that a company ( LLC SSM ) deposited the money in my account. Now they want to pay as it had not been doing during that time. But I can remember , has not signed a loan agreement with them. And when I called , I could not say that the site had used to get a loan. Not . Either I 'm very unlucky or this is a scam terrible, but who should I contact to investigate this dilemma?
Answer1BblytheAnswered at 2012-08-15 17:50:03
Sorry, but to fill all bids, he agreed to a loan .
This is so common that happened , that's why you NEVER should complete the forms, or trying to get a loan online payday! Also, how on earth did you know for weeks that the money was deposited in your account? LOL Look, with this statement , it sounds like he's trying to find an excuse to get out.

The fact is that money deposited into your account, because you fill a loan application . By doing this, and gives them the money , you have to return it. What do you think would happen when handing over your bank account number ? LOL

Pay them and be done with it . Otherwise , you can send to collections and have your credit is bad. They could also try to debit your bank account, because you put the money there and really make a mess of his life.

************************ Now , here's a warning though :
Are payday loans ( especially online ), even legal where you live ? If not , they still owe the money (the principal) , but you will not have to pay interest , if payday loans are illegal in your state as this is an illegal loan .
Answer2help please help!!!Answered at 2012-08-16 02:09:03
I also hope that you still have the money I would not return the funds , if you no longer need the loan and closing your bank account will not help if you have not paid it will hurt your credit even more than it already is

leave to take them there and if you take loan but the loan with your bank and will help
Answer3ZoieAnswered at 2012-08-26 14:10:03
I hope you still have the money ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The first thing you have to do is close your bank account and open a new one. This prevents them automatically debit your account . I am sure that you agreed to -do to complete the forms. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Contact them and ask where you can return your money . Send them a money order because it does not want to give information about your new bank account . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And you have to do this tomorrow as if it is a scam that will clean your account .
Answer4Lady T.Answered at 2012-10-13 00:54:17
Sorry, but you gave them your bank information is the same as your signature . Pay what you owe .
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