Why don't we stop playing political roulette and simply charge a consumption tax.? related questions

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Why don't we stop playing political roulette and simply charge a consumption tax.?1parul2012-10-23 16:16:03
Instead of charging anyone who already pays significant amounts of tax, rather, why not let those who do not know how to pay their share, to find a way that can help this country to survive. There are thousands of people who can not legally seek employment. Others do not know, or could not find a job that allows them to pay income taxes. These people are self-employed or just do what they have found that will allow them to make money. They are surviving the best way they know how to survive, but despite using the tax services provided, not know how to contribute to the funds that allow these services available. MedlinePlus If everyone pays only a consumption tax, everyone helps with the cost of continuing with the American lifestyle. We care for those who need help, here at home and abroad. We want to help the poor, but we want to encourage those saving and people doing work to keep doing it. I hear that less than half of us pay all taxes. No wonder that all plans to raise taxes or cut services, met with outrage. We all agree that the waste should be a priority on the list of things to cut, but the next thing on the list should be to allow those who are not paying their contributions. Many despise the poor, but know the fundraisers ... I want someone who has the time would give the American people the statistics indicating what percentage of people in each income level will help those in need. The poor give to worthy causes at a rate much higher than the rest of the people in the world. The middle class people in the U.S. get most of the money to needy causes lift, and yes, there are rich people who give huge amounts of help when you need to see here in America. Not that we want to, we have given. MedlinePlus Taxing the rich sounds good, but the rich know how to find the way to pass the cost of taxes to others. The middle class is struggling, and the poor ... and pray for them. However, if everyone pays their fair share, we are paying us probably pay less and still get our budget balanced in a few years instead of allowing this great nation is weakened and struggling to survive. If everyone pays, including those involved in illegal activities, which according to report their income, the rich and everyone else, everyone pays an amount equal to the amount consumed. The rich could not hide behind your business, since all consumption and imports would be taxed. If the rich choose to save rather than spend, this could be a patriotic thing too, because if the rich put their money in banks, financial institutions, would have more money available for loans to small businesses and families. This would stimulate the economy without putting more burdens on already burdened or support our lifestyle. MedlinePlus Mr. Chairman, how much money would we save if ended with the IRS? We suddenly have to dismiss all of them, but could use their intellectual skills to assess the level of consumption of the citizens, and impose a tax on goods and services consumed by individuals in each income level. Needs can be taxed at an exceptionally low level, and luxury goods can be taxed at levels required to bring the revenue needed to balance our budget over time. The consumption tax could be taken as sales taxes are collected. PD (IRS workers would this period of time, perhaps a year, to seek employment in other areas.) MedlinePlus I feel this plan would be the best solution to the financial problems of this country.
How can I get my mother to stop playing favorites?8salamander, triton, newt2012-10-15 17:53:08
Has been for some time . He attended all my brother's extracurricular activities in high school . I remember her going to all mine. My brother got his bearings , a car , and many of their college expenses paid by my mom . I had to live at home , take student loans, and work two jobs to get my degree . My teeth are still crooked damn now I have to pay student loans . I see the same kind of deal with our respective wives . She is the best friend of his wife . Last year he threw a big party for his birthday , while my wife did not even get a card. My wife is not a bad person by any stretch of the imagination . Being with her has given me tons more confidence , made ​​me less selfish , and generally made ​​me a nicer guy. I worry that when we have children , they will be ignored while my nieces get spoiled by Grandma . Maybe I 'm jealous . Any idea ?
Can my bank charge me for placing a stop payment on a check that online bill pay sent that is lost?0woody2012-10-08 23:27:57
I pay my bills every month through ez - payment services to bill my credit union provides for Union First Financial Federal Credit Union. The service is provided by a service provider outside ez - payment invoice. In this case I paid my car payment . Bank of America (the holder of the loan ) never received the check. Apparently , he sent a check by mail to Bank of America . The check has failed her and it's been almost 12 days. I never had this problem. The bank informed me that to put a stop payment on the check he would have to pay a fee. I realize when a lost check e I have to pay this fee , but you really can pass this cost to me in this case ? They say they are passing on the fee that the bill payment service happened to them . But if the payment service accounts lost it in the first place I have any recourse here? Or should I pay the fee . If it was my mistake I'd gladly pay but banks always screw the customer , even when they are wrong. I'm sick of it .
Consumption or Government Spending?0mole2012-09-18 22:10:09
Los Angeles resident purchases a new Whirlpool refrigerator manufactured in New York and charged with a home equity loan . Is this considered consumption? I'm confused what the difference is between paying the loan or with cash . Please help !
Woulds you play Russian Roulette for $$$ 1,000,000 $$$?5ms. rizzo2012-10-20 19:07:56
83.4% chance of living , you risk it? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Tough times out there maybe you need to pay your student loans , buying a new home car / , good vacation , shopping , all you have to do is put a round in the chamber , spin , aim , and pull the trigger , 3 seconds of work and a 83.4% chance in your favor and you could walk a million dollars richer .... MedlinePlus tax free MedlinePlus Anyway if a million is not enough what is or life for Pricing
Woulds you play Russian Roulette for $$$ 1,000,000 $$$?2 nickname ン -2012-11-03 06:07:02
83.4% chance of living , you risk it? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Pay your student loans , brand new car / home , good vacation , shopping , people who say that a million dollars is not much money these days are idiots because it is still MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway if a million is not enough what the price is or is life for you is priceless MedlinePlus MedlinePlus One more thing to your tax-free to the government is not taking there cut
What is Wenger playing at....?2A7X a.k.a Aaron2012-09-15 07:31:03
Simply I can not believe this idiot Fcuking and he is starting to make me sick. 2 teams we lost potentional descent and now play against a team chasing the title and not doing anything about Fcuking . Arsenal will be killed on Sunday and yet has not even secured a loan agreement to make full backups decent ... If money is of concern at this rate they will lose the next season without CL holders and season ticket not to renew , Wenger is so involved with the euro area is forgetting that he is actually a manager of a football club and his first priority is to win games, not to save money .. ?
Im planning on playing diablo but...?0Pauline2012-10-03 19:26:34
im planning playing devil but how much it takes to memmory and I can get a key for it online ? because my friend told me I was going to give this album if you can find them. and if he can not there an online download somewhere? thanks in advance
Playing hardball on an upside down loan?2Mohammed2012-09-15 21:47:03
I have a car I'm going backwards in 3500. While trying to find a way out of it and can not get refinanced by a company thought of this. Call the finance company and demand that I be given a jump in the price of the car. They have already collected the interest and are now reaping the director. If I had to deliver to them , would not be able to resale, the price you originally bought . What do you think ? My payments are too high and I can not get refinancing.
Why don't they simply lower interest rates...?0Pizza2012-10-27 11:18:09
... for owners of existing homes in danger of foreclosure ? They are variable rate loans mostly greedy putting people out of their homes . Redo loans so the owner can stay in their homes and the banks get their money , despite the high rate of an adjustable loan .
I have 8 acres of raw land. How can I make money off of it, beside simply selling it?4eze sleepy2012-10-23 09:45:03
My grandmother has 8 acres of raw land (1.5 acres in front of one of the main streets of our city ) that is paid for 100 % . His house is now on earth , but the zoning from residential to commercial goes , shopping centers , gas stations, apartment complexes and more . Three lonely foreclosure homes very close to each other . We tried to sell the property several times , but the price is always very low , either because the neighbor is not going to sell , or someother mishap . MedlinePlus Since we have no loan on the property , how can we develop commercially and be able to obtain financing from a bank to do ? Instead of selling , we want to become a sort of mall store, or something. How can we secure funding for this? I just heard on the same neighborhood as Starbucks pays $ 95,000 ( and% of profit ) per year for 20 years to the owner of the site - how can we write that?
I was playing Play station 2 and my friend loaned me a online game?0Shruthi2012-10-01 15:57:02
So he lent me Need For Speed ​​DUB Edition Remix . His line , but when ever you put into it does not work . I have no connetion line and idk if u can play offline .

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