Have your spending habits changed since the bailout? how?

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Asked at 2012-08-06 04:04:02
Recently, I read that if not for spending the holidays , all shops have gone under. traders said the holiday is what keeps them in business at all.

and , remember that our economy almost collapsed when he was attacked on 911? there was no one to spend money, certainly not for air travel ! this has had far reaching effects on air transport in general. airfare bargains are gone.

How has it changed since the bailout spending ? How to spend less or more?

or, what are your plans to buy for the holiday season ? will spend almost as much as usual, or will it cut? Why? How will you cut?

if you own a business, is the interest rate on short-term loans up ? by how much? How it affects the way it spends to run your business ? is that the dismissal of members of your workforce? Why?

now taking money from your money market account and the purchase of raw materials like gold and silver? you? Why?

or, it puts more money in savings? in what form ( IRA , 401K , etc.), and why?

What do you think will buy a house as prices fall ? What about that car you wanted ? You can get the loan you need to buy ? or are putting off buying it ? Why?

is more likely now , after the rescue , to be laid off ? or heard rumors that only ? Are you afraid ? What do you do if you're scared ?

please let me know your age and location. I love elaborate answers ! show me how, when, why , where and why.
Answer1patel farhanaAnswered at 2012-08-06 04:40:03
1) Yes, I remember when the economy went belly up. It was the year that Canada found that did not depend entirely on your market remains stable.

2) My spending habits have not changed. I can buy the ketchup brand name, whiskey wiser, and expensive toilet paper. You are never too poor to buy expensive toilet paper.

3) I will keep spending the same amount of gifts for the holidays. People who buy for people I'm willing to spend money. People cut me has been removed from my life (dead weight anyway)

4) Not applicable

5) I've always had a bit of money invested in gold. My money is that stocks are for exploration of gold and potassium. Since the market free fall, I reinvested the money in each. Leverage
plummet while you can.
6) My duties / RRSP continue to receive a portion of my paycheck. I like money.

7) I already did. Raised ranch style backyard with a 3/4 's hectares (water front) for $ 80,000. Opportunities like that only happen once every 16 years (at the end of the second period of implementation of a Republican president). Now I have the car you want. I just finished dropping a new engine in it.

8) If I get fired, you do cry. I have 5 offices of skills I have and not many people out there who know very little about the trades. Besides that, my investments make me a good sum of money per week. And do not forget about the secondary works. People would gladly will deliver $ 500 to $ 10k in cash if you do not have to pay taxes on that money. Chief gets his, I get the rest (usually $ 150.00 to $ 1500.00 per month, depending on job size).

Where am I? Ontario, Canada. How many years? 25. How do I do? 154 IQ. Why? No one to spend money on except myself (still saving up to spoil that special someone will find a day). When? All the time. What? Gold Exploration, RRSP and Bonds, potash, and air conditioning's my profession.
Answer2MeechAnswered at 2012-08-06 10:54:03
I saw this coming 2 years ago because of articles and discussions published in www.lemetropolecafe.com.

This site is managed by the Gold Anti-Trust Association (GATA), and there has been much valuable information on this site. Detailing the criminal activities of the Fed and business elites.

As a result I bought silver when it was $ 7.50 per oz I also put my retirement plans in stocks of precious metals and the Central Fund, which owns gold bullion in a vault to back up their actions. I did it in 2001 after the World Trade Center event as I thought that markets fall. What surprised me is the amount of time shift powers have managed to keep the markets supported, and cover the prices of precious metals.

Note:. Paper-gold-silver and the role of the ETF may not have enough metal to support a full part, so do your research before getting involved with the GLD and SLV

So this rescue was not a surprise. What I've been doing lately is spending my cash while still has value. I believe that the purchasing power of all fiat currencies will take a nosedive in the near future, so I'm buying nonperishable needs, tools, seeds, and some items for barter while you can.

The other thing I'm doing because the rising price of gasoline is more housework.

It seems that the multinational I work for not investing in mortgage-backed securities or derivatives that are in a good position and do not expect layoffs - or what they are saying now -. We will see

I'm in my early 60s and I live in the country about an hour away by car from Toronto, Canada. So I was planning to retire in a few years anyway - maybe it will be faster ...

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