If I apply for an auto loan at a car dealership, which credit bureau do they usually pull my credit score from related questions

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If I apply for an auto loan at a car dealership, which credit bureau do they usually pull my credit score from0dukegirl2012-10-14 00:47:45
I just got my credit score from all three bureaus are: MedlinePlus TransUnion : 697 MedlinePlus Experian : 702 MedlinePlus Equifax : 689 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I hope they pull my Experian score ! Will I be able to enjoy a good if I go to the dealership for a new car ?
Is credit pull by multiple lenders within a 30 day period reported as one pull on credit report?0Janna2012-09-02 23:20:03
The information requested by a new person to the U.S. MedlinePlus --------- MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Consider the following situation that I apply in MedlinePlus straight day MedlinePlus Day 1 Wellsfargo Bank Home Mortgage Loan MedlinePlus Day 2 of Bank of America Auto Loan MedlinePlus Day 3 Digital Credit Union credit card MedlinePlus Day 4 ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ... MedlinePlus ... Day 13 Citizens Bank Home Mortgage Loan MedlinePlus Day 14 U.S. MedlinePlus Bank Personal Loan MedlinePlus ... MedlinePlus ... Day 28 CapitalOne credit card MedlinePlus Day 29 store credit card Kohl MedlinePlus Day 30 Walmart credit card MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do all instances of my attraction to different lenders credit appear on my credit report ? Or just the attraction first credit in a period of 30 consecutive days should contact credit pull ? MedlinePlus --------- MedlinePlus Myth or reality : For the first lender that pulled your credit card , you have 30 days from that day . Will be considered only once , regardless of how many lenders pull your credit . They do that by giving you enough time to shop and compare different lenders . MedlinePlus ---- MedlinePlus Myth or Reality : The credit bureaus understand that savvy consumers want to review several loan offers , so agencies consolidate all inquiries credit mortgage loan within a specified period ( which can range from 14-45 days) and I consider it as an investigation . MedlinePlus http://www.lendingtree.com/credit-resources/advice/understanding-credit/credit-inquiry-faq/
How to pull up my credit score? (Between 530-550)?1Mil2012-10-04 00:35:02
Hi all, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So my credit problems started when I was in college . I had no idea how much this will affect me in the future. I had some credit cards , but not as student loans . I screwed up this badly. 3 years ago I had my first job when I decided to change my financial situation around . My credit score at the time was 440 . I borrowed a loan of $ 3,000 staff at 18 % interest with a co -signer , and paid all arrears in my account waiting for my rating would sky rocket . MedlinePlus That did not happen . All accounts that are still locked in my report and marked as " potentially negative closed" ... I do not understand what this means , but I do belive it is hurting my credit. Is this true and what really is "potentially negative closed" .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a couple of credit cards by small pre-approved offers , and have been paying on time for the last one year . MedlinePlus I managed to get a car loan from a small credit union pays $ 9000 but alarming 19% interest on it . MedlinePlus I have not missed a single payment in the last three years , and I have understood that this process requires patience , but after all this, my grades are Experian : 543 Equifax : 552, TransUnion : 526 ..... MedlinePlus What am I doing wrong ? ......
I want to apply for the best auto loan. Will applying to several auto loans affect my FICO score?0Timmy Adams2012-10-02 01:03:03
Besides, I was already approved for a car loan , but I want to find a better deal . If I apply for several other loans , approval will be my first concern ? What I mean is that since the approval of the loan in the first place , is going to change because I went to apply for another ?
Used car shopping: Does a dealership financing company checking your credit affect your credit score?4Xenia2012-11-03 03:02:02
I'm thinking of buying my first used car loan . If I go to a few different dealers and check my credit score for pre - approval for financing , does this negatively affect my credit score ? If Dealer A checks my credit on Monday , and Agent B and C checks my credit on Tuesday .. Does this have a negative impact on my current credit score or report? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Is it possible to get a dealership to finance a car loan for you with a poor credit score?3Lea2012-11-03 04:07:02
I have a very high income to debt ration , but has a bad credit score (592) and I wonder how it would be possible to obtain funding for a $ 40,000 car I have a lot of income to make payments .
Is it legal for a credit union to loan money and not have to report it to a credit bureau?3Munira2012-09-28 21:34:03
I just received my credit report and found my car loan and a revolving loan I have through a local credit union are not there . I went in and asked and was told not to report today but may in the future . My problem is that all credit is good that I have to me at the moment . Is it legal for them not to report ? Do I have options on what else could I do ? I think I still owe too much money on my car to refinance elsewhere. anyones help would be greatly appreciated! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Where can I apply for a bad credit auto loan?0unsure!2012-09-08 00:30:03
bad credit but good income ... ( Already found the car I wanted )
Any advice where to apply for loan to pull out equity on home with no mortgage?0Brandis2012-09-24 07:32:03
We have bad credit in recent years . We were able to get my husband's retirement to buy a modest house that needed a lot of work. We were able to pay cash for most of the improvements , but are looking to take equity in the house to get things done , so we can move forward instead of maintaining two households and the costs that go along with that. I searched around on the Internet for help - but I'm just finding things to ask for home purchase in excess of $ 100,000. We are trying to carry out a much smaller amount that .... more like $ 20,000 to $ 25,000 ( if even that ) . Does anyone have a similar situation and can guide us to a good lender or somewhere to start. Not having much luck digging through all the things on the internet! Thank you.
Which credit card (if any) should I apply for with an Experian Score of 720, but short credit history?0Shantel2012-10-07 00:23:57
I recently cleaned my credit and am trying to rebuild it. I have nothing negative on my report ( all being dropped) , but have a short length of positive credit history . MedlinePlus This is what I have: MedlinePlus Experian Score : 720 MedlinePlus CC guaranteed for 8 months at $ 300 ( My bank will not issue unsecured card until about one year MedlinePlus In charge of a car loan three years MedlinePlus No late payments on my record MedlinePlus Full time good work . MedlinePlus Want to build credit for the future . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I apply for a credit card now or wait until my bank offers me a non - guaranteed in 4 months ? If I were to apply, please recommend a card based on my story . Thanks in advance !
My credit score is 511, does anyone know who will finance an auto loan with credit as poor as mine?0blanca2012-10-19 19:34:29
I have to buy a car that is safe for my 14 weeks old and I , and I have some very bad credit . 511 to be exact . Does anyone know of a bank or online bank to go for a loan . I have good income , and a little below. Any information helps ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh .. just so you know that I have a fellow sighner , and there is no possible way you could get one .
Is There Any Real Auto Lenders Who Will Loan Money With Very Bad Credit And A Low Credit Score?4Mary Anna2012-10-20 06:15:03
I'm looking for Auto leader who is not fraud and that will give me a loan despite my bad credit . It can be a subprime loan with high rates of many online sites say they will give you a loan , but they keep their fraud information and then apologize, even when they say that for people with bad credit or high credit risk . I need a company to look at the credit history when I had my good credit got bad credit one year ago now its hurts and I have to find a car loan .

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