How well do you think I can pull this off?

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So I just turned 18 and I am graduating this year from high school . I make an average of $ 990 per month ( this will double after graduation ) and I was thinking of moving . I figure if I share a studio apartment with my friend , the rent should be around 200 for me , plus 60 a month per phone , 180 a month for car insurance , about 120 a month for gas , and perhaps 100 for food, I still be able to produce 2 year community college and then transfer to the state university last two years with a grant from the Air Force ROTC and student loans ? Being with my parents is not much of an option due to personality conflicts and you get paid for all of the above except the rent. Please answer my question , I'm not looking for personal opinions about me leaving , I'm weighing my options . thank you!

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