Do I pack his things since he left last week?

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My boyfriend , who is my ex husband and I have been together six years but divorced a year . We've only been together 10 months ago and went out the night before Valentine's Day . He broke up with me on the phone and he is 31 years old! Anyway he came for his clothes that night and kiss the girl goodbye , he asked me if I needed anything and grabbed a handful of bills that said hed pay . I have a job , I've been at home doing online classes to finish my degree to be a kindergarten teacher . I have some money from student loans for living expenses , but I am staying in our apartment and I had to move many times as a child after our divorce and he is not helping . Therefore, the text asked if he needed anything from the apartment , said the rest of his stuff . I said well and let me know when. That's been a week , I want his clothes and things past , but do not want to throw them out as I have to be nice this time if I want to help you pay the bills until I find , but do not want to be under their thumb. So , do I have your stuff safe and leave them out , or just leave them as they are and to come back and get it himself?

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