Poor college student cant afford traffic ticket. help?

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0Hi ,
I just got a ticket for $ 130. I 135 in 2 weeks off of non-federal work study . I have a car loan 145, a phone bill 50, and 87 insurance , which now will go up because I have not had my license for 2 years w / or receive a fine. If you can do the math on how much I am - $ 12 per month for only my bills . Luckily my dad gives me 50 a month . that leaves me $ 38 , which most likely will gas or food . What I can do to lower it. Im in college full time. So I can not do any community service / jail time .
Answer1cbazAnswered at 2012-10-12 20:30:23
Explain your financial situation and the judge may allow you to pay your fine in installments. Some do , some do not.
Answer2Pat RickAnswered at 2012-10-23 11:44:54
talk to the judge
Answer3faylinnAnswered at 2012-10-26 08:35:40
Go to court. See what happens . And invoke his right to counsel , no matter what people tell you " you can not have a lawyer " - it sucks .
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