Student loans in default for 3 years- should I consolidate, or rehabilitate? related questions

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Student loans in default for 3 years- should I consolidate, or rehabilitate?0sadarie2012-10-12 06:56:02
My wages have been garnished for 3 years as well. At this point , my credit score is almost zero ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would it be worth the additional payments (in addition to wage garnishment , assuming my loan company offering something affordable , ... $ 100/mo . ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I try ( again) to ask for some kind of payment plan on / above the retention , to rehabilitate the loan ? I always offer the option of only $ 450 / month, plus my wage garnishment ( $ 250/mo ) by way of rehabilitation , even after I tell them I can not afford that .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( They are so nasty in this collection company that I hardly dare to call again . ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus O, ... Should I consolidate , with lower student loan payments , and start all over again ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A defaulted loan is rehabilitated much more attractive in a credit report that a delinquent loan ( for recent years ) that has established ( and to date ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm trying to fix my life and my credit , and having a very difficult time ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Consolidate or rehabilitate defaulted student loans for best credit?0Eloisa2012-08-12 00:02:08
Long story short , I have $ 7500 is 2006, loans for students who want to start paying and repair my credit. What is the best option to clear my credit history / score as soon as possible ? ps. I thought the lender and want to call today and see what I can find . I'm thinking $ 150 is my monthly maximum you can afford at the moment and hope it's enough. You may be able to make a payment of $ 300 in the month casual ..
My student loans are in default. If I enrolled full time at a juco, can I finally consolidate my loans?0mnarjann2012-09-30 10:05:02
In other words , when I enroll, can be DEFAULT resusitated my loans as in good condition , so I can consolidate my loans ?
Anyone know the best way to consolidate or make payment arrangements for student loans in default?2Kamal2012-10-19 18:17:02
Is there a website you can go ? Do I have to make a large down payment ? What is the best way to pay for it without them adorning my tax refund ? I only owe $ 3,697 . However, debt collectors are harassing me about it and I want to find another solution instead of having to deal with these has ****** I keep calling.
When I consolidate my defaulted Student Loans with Direct Loan, when will I "officialy" be out of default?0Patterson2012-10-16 20:31:19
I wonder when they can not make up my tax refunds, etc. Also, if you have any experience with income contingent payment plan , please share. Thank you.
Should I consolidate my student loans for as many years as I can?0Combinations: URGENT HELP D:2012-09-03 23:59:03
I have around 35k in student loans and I just graduated and have a job paid about 40k plus my wife makes 18K . I want to get home . More tips tealls you take time to pay off the student loan and want lower payments for a house and then add additional payments as my income increases . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It is the student loan consolidation for a longer period of time bad, even if you pay more for them after their salary increases over time. Basically I want a low minute . pay .
Should I consolidate my student loans right now? My debt is $15,000 thus far and I have 2 more years in school1Jace2012-11-04 06:36:21
Should I consolidate my student loans now? My debt is $ 15,000 so far and I have 2 years in school
How do you pull a student loan out of default. Would it be worth it to do so after 10 years?2Pwagwadi anthony madwatte2012-10-09 11:56:02
I think that is why I have no credit score. How to establish a payment plan that does not involve wage garnishment.
Is is possible to consolidate a student loan if you already have one that is default?2Jia2012-09-09 00:34:03
It is possible to consolidate a student loan if you already have one that is by default?
How do I consolidate my default school loans?1tiffaney2012-08-18 20:18:03
I would leave the default. Who do I contact to ask about them , to know the total and which are actually failing ?
How can I get a personal loan with a default. Just want to consolidate all my loans not debt agreement?0Spencer2012-09-01 02:40:02
How I can get a personal loan with a default value . We just want to consolidate all my loans no debt deal ?
Has anyone used William D Ford to consolidate loans for removal from default & were you satisfied w/results?0Needhelp5002012-09-04 03:31:03
I just got the documentation to consolidate my loans and they said it was based on my income , but no indication of the amount of your monthly payment on paperwork or redetermined how changes in income annually or in the case only on request . Nor is there any indication of the new term of the loan . He says that the loan will be 5 % interest does anyone know how to compose also interest student loans William D Ford is a daily , weekly , monthly, yearly ? Has anyone used this service from the government to consolidate their loans to get them out of default and are satisfied with the results ?

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