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Need to secure financing for a poor credit vehicle loan?1shawntae2012-10-27 13:19:04
I'm trying to buy a car from a private party for about $ 23,000. I have about $ 11,000 to put cash, but need funding for rest.I only have a 540 credit score . Does anyone have experience in auto loans that can send me to an institution that offer this type of loan . Is it easier to get a loan if your buying from a dealer ? Please do not send me to a website to order a million different loans . I'm looking for specific information from a person who has done this or knows anything about it. thanks MedlinePlus
How do I get a vehicle when I have low income and poor credit?2krystall2012-09-29 19:03:02
I have a $ 2500 accident that left my car. $ 300 I need to license any car you have, and maybe another $ 200 for expenses that have arisen ( hire and work missed ) . I do not know of a way to get a loan because my credit was ruined when he could not pay a medical bill and was turned over to a collection agency . I do not , and have never had a credit card . I make minimum wage job I've had in the last 13 + years and am in poor health , so you can not get an additional job or better job , even if one was available ( that have not been , I have been regularly reviewing ) . The cheapest car I've found in the city is $ 4800. The rental car I'm using is draining what little money he had saved, so it is not possible to avoid more than a couple of days . Please someone help me figure out what to do, I'm lost and depressed .
I'm looking for auto financing, credit,loan. I have poor credit but an income of about $60,000 a year.?0levon2012-08-29 02:53:06
I'm trying to buy a car , a car specific Quattoporte 2005 Maserati M139 . I have $ 5000 so i need $ 27,000 to finance about 70 % of its value . I have bad credit , but with my other self and have a combined income of $ 60,000. I expect a rate of 20 % , or $ 750 a month not scar me . Does anyone know of a private lender will take me or maby tell me a way to find a lender ? I will refinance the latter only need the loan now .
Harley-Davidson financing with poor credit but good income????0Sage2012-09-16 23:08:08
I was approved for a car loan , but rather a Harley- Davidson.The Harley ( here in New York ) , I could not pass me without a co - signer and that I have no available.I the dealer I went to use limted amount of lenders if you use more than one .. Does anyone know or where I can find a lender offering motorcycle loans for people with poor credit.I have searched the Internet, but I'm not finding much in the motorcycle loans go.I prefer to save for a car loan when the new Camaro is offered at the end of next year ,
What can I do to help secure a vehicle for myself?1Charlotte Holmes2012-10-25 21:48:02
My life now is definitely a catch22 . I need a car to get to work ( or be able to work decent hours ) , but I can not get a car until you 've worked so long and do so much. MedlinePlus I have nobody I cosign a loan or anything . My credit is newer , but it's good so far. I can work more hours to pay for a car with no problem . Right now I can not work much because I have to rely on my friend's car so there are only certain times you can work . MedlinePlus I just need a chance and do not know where to go to find it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am asking for suggestions on where I could go for help to get a loan or lease , or something ?
I need help with the first vehicle I am financing?0L.P Mhlanga2012-08-18 19:28:03
I have 19 years and was approved at a dealership for a car loan. I have 3k I can leave . I'm trying to decide what to buy . I like the Dodge Caliber, however, read the reviews that people have had problems with this vehicle. I've also read many reviews that people love this vehicle. Is it really just about caring for your vehicle? Do most people who bash American cars really biased and can not be open to the possibility that the U.S. automaker is making a return ? I like the fact that I can buy a caliber used by around 10k . That's a big advantage. I'll be test driving cars before seeing what I like. Do you all have any suggestions on what sight? I am a college student and do not want to pay over 10k for a vehicle. By the way, when my credit card is better established , I will buy a new car. I like American cars and know many people who have 250 - 300k in their American made cars . Any help is greatly appreciated.
Financing for 8-10 year old vehicle?3Lidsay2012-11-02 01:02:03
I'm looking to buy a car from 2003 with 70K miles worth 13k NADA / KBB. I would like to fund around 10k for it. Is this possible or do I have to do a personal loan? I'm trying to avoid a HELOC or personal loan . Please do not respond to " pay cash for it" or "buy a new car ," just want to know which banks / CU ' s do this. I checked a couple of banks who had this list and its limit was 5 or 6 years old. Thanks in advance .
Why am i having such a problem finding vehicle financing?4Dude really2012-11-05 21:30:02
30 years old and have limited (not bad ) im credit , I have 3 credit cards over a year to report on the three reporting agencies and all agreed never paid late, and my student loans that are still in the postponement , I'm a full time student and VA disabled , so you get disability each month for a total of $ 1,904 net . and am getting rejected by every dealer i apply for a loan with my credit score is 640 with Trans Union and at least in the 630s with others , but wouldnt supprise me if it was a little higher I do not know anything for sure . .. Why am I constantly being rejected , I'm looking for a climbing just want to borrow a large 15 and get a good reliable used car .. this is ridiculous I can make my credit card payments and have never missed any . in such im going to end in jd by rider paying $ 15,000 for 1500 car ... any suggestions ? ? ?
Wisdom in financing a new vehicle before mortage is closed on?3sus2012-09-07 06:16:02
My boyfriend is waiting to close on your home and decided that he also needs a new vehicle. ( You can pay the payments , which is not a concern at all. ) I said maybe I should wait until after they actually close at home before he joins a loan to your financial profile , but said that because his mortgage was initially approved for $ 80K and that's more than your home ( $ 50K ) and combined car ( $ 15K ) to get the loan that the first car will not make a difference. For me , common sense would say you should wait until after your home is safe before buying a vehicle - at least , I think the mortgage papers would have to start again soon as there is this debt of $ 15K to be included in your finances, but I have never encountered this before. I'd just hate for him to ruin the prestige of your mortgage - thoughts?
What happens if I can't secure a loan on a balloon payment on a contract for deed (owner financing) on my home?2ONEOFMANYBOB'S2012-10-23 17:57:02
What if I can not get a loan in a lump sum in a works contract ( owner financing ) in my house ?
Any ideas for financing a used car when you're dirt poor?0Rae Rae2012-10-05 23:05:46
I have a credit score above 650 , and never have to pay any debt . My wife and I are good to pay our bills on time, but we have to live frugally . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now my car is on its last leg , and I need a vehicle to transport clients we work with . Although my credit is not a problem , my debt - to-income ratio is . Women in the credit union said it was over 90 % , so I guess these student loans are killing me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I prefer not to buy a new car, but at this point , it is clear that I have to . I'm looking for a reasonable price - at least below 12 % . Hopefully below 10% . 7% over a 60-month loan would be awesome. There are plenty of online businesses out there , but I do not want to submit all questions in my credit history . Recommendations on how to go about this ?
Im seeking a loan to reestablish my poor credit history, loans declined because of my poor credit, help?2Candy Corn 2012-09-22 14:24:03
I've been looking for a loan , but have been rejected due to bad credit history poor . everyone deserves a second chance , but when he refused , what can you do? I have a car , to restore my credit, which is financed through a financial institution , I have no late payments , no late payments, and have had car going on three years , missed payments promptly , and was told that restore my credit. I've had success in that area , and I'm very proud of that , but when applying for a loan, I 'm reduced or denied, these loans are only offered me cash advances is , I'm looking for a loan that allows me to make monthly payments with low interest rates , long-term loans , but no luck . I do not understand why there are no loans to help , or give it a try , this is not fair and unfair .

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