Child support, do you ever think of the payor?

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I'm an almost middle aged guy who has paid child support for many years . I got back , and updated , and now I'm somewhere in the middle. I 1000-2000 dollars, but I'm giving about half of all my student loans ( for good , I'm putting it in the mail , not being taken from me) , my tax money , and is still struggling here and there to be " out of water " . MedlinePlus Do not get me wrong , I love my daughter , and I know she needs money from me . I know a lot of parents who would not pay unless they meet . If you have to leave my house , I think it's good that you are my daughter . MedlinePlus I am so upset , watching the thousands and thousands of dollars every year out , and now I have to literally take my money and put it in the mail. Believe me , daughter or not , giving my ex some good wins this money is not an easy thing to do. MedlinePlus If I miss one payment (which does not happen often ) , the former attempts to discuss . Last year my current wife bought a good used car with their money , as indeed needed . The ex called me complaining 'm a "new " car. He said it was his money , not mine, and tried to say that Bill is my wife too, to which I said " absolutely not." MedlinePlus I wonder when all these mothers ( or fathers ) are calling cards and check their balance maintenance , and complain of the "deadbeat dad" when its hundreds or thousands are not on time, how hard he ( or she ) works for the money , and how you are living now that you have all that extra money to go out and have a good time every week? MedlinePlus Sorry. It's not fair , the amount is usually too large . I could never live on my own . I need my wife's income to survive .
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That's the problem of getting Married (And Divorced), and having Kids;

It won't end (legally) until all the Kids are 18, and then They will always be after "Daddy, the Banker"
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