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My daughter sighned up for a online college.?0CM2012-08-13 01:18:02
FAFSA to fill it with the man saying that everything is paid for by the FAFSA. Now say it is all paid for with FAFSA. and without anyone knowing that he tried to get a personal loan to sign out for the diffrience . online universities is really cost much. and worthwhile . , It is Ashford.
College - Daughter - Please HELP?1Harold Taylor2012-11-04 16:05:02
The daughter is 18 years old . I put my two other children to college ( before being fired ) She is the youngest . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) I do not produce the amount of money as I did before MedlinePlus 2) I want to help her MedlinePlus 3) Your mother and I have been going through a divorce over a year ago MedlinePlus 4) His teaching is 45,000.00 a year ( she took a college out of state ) MedlinePlus 5) My future ex - called I can get a loan to pay for half - I have no money . What I can do? MedlinePlus 6) is used to get good grades " A" ys " B " before meeting her boyfriend and then pulled in D ' s F . MedlinePlus 7) The wife is not going to say whether she received grants, loans and student loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus HELP ME - I am a single parent with another team friends . What will I do. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also bought all my children from his first car too - all new. My youngest son received a 2003 Mustang GT (paid in cash) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Help me please ..... What do I do?
Should i have to pay to secure a college grant for my daughter?2Mitchie2012-10-14 09:40:02
I'm about to get sick , I have a daughter who is a freshman in college and I know that things can expensive.She has received financial aid you qualify for , but she is living on campus and need more money for other things . I do not make a lot of money or make your mother.I can not afford to pay the loans at the moment and do not want to get into that kind of debt i now.Can right as a parent to request that I have no money to pay education for my daughters ? I have a company called me saying that they can secure a grant for my daughter for a fee of $ 449.I do not want my daughter to have to leave college , so someone can give me some direct sources to appy for who can help us ?
My daughter went to a college for medical asst a short1israa2012-10-07 07:23:02
university term. The college was not what they said it was. she got sick , and they did not let her finish her ‚Äč‚Äčlast four months, teachers were not certified were no drugs in campus lots of negative things went bad . they report to the attorney general's office or she can go there they want twenty six thousand dollars of student loans and never paid over yet and to top it off she was always top of his class never learned anything , except from a book not a instructorl . Please help if you can thanks
Am I the bad guy? My oldest daughter who is in college was in a bad truck accident?0kris marie2012-10-26 06:31:14
a couple of years without insurance. His credit was not good enough for a new car, so my husband and I used our credit to help get a new truck, later regretted that decision as he spent more than he felt comfortable with and in a Initially I thought it would be both his and my husband's names, but it proved only in his name. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My daughter and I have gotten into some arguments about it in the past and our relationship suffered, but she always made the payments and stopped thinking about it. Now it's two years later and she has received some grant money and student loans and want to use it to pay off other debts, such as original truck crashed and also get a tattoo very expensive new TV. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She is in a tough place right now with a lot of bills, go to school and work. I do not work. I am very angry about the decision not to use student loan money to pay at least a portion of the payments in advance truck that my husband's name is on. I called her and let her know something quietly that, actually, I'm angry about this and we had a discussion and I know she stressed enough. Then I feel awful about that too, but I feel justified in my stance. I feel like "your" debt that is being done in our name should be a priority, and I do not know if anything could happen in the future to prevent further his truck that these payments are $ 430 a month and it would be our responsibility to pay if she could not. I also discovered that if a vehicle is repossessed for non-payment of wages can be garnished for my husband and confiscate money from our bank account. Furthermore, we have no desire to own this truck. Finally, we all doubt that anything would happen to her and make payments hinders know that unintentionally fail to pay it, but the worst is that something could happen as a disease or injury or worse and I would not be MedlinePlus bear this weight. MedlinePlus Am I wrong to be angry with my daughter? I do not think I even want to spend the holidays with her now. Do I have faith that everything will continue to go along as it has been without interruption, I'm being paranoid and selfish? Should I have let him know that I was angry about this?
I am sending my daughter to college, and will need a parent plus loan, but I also need a new car...?0elvis2012-08-16 02:25:02
So if I buy the car and is visible on my credit report, will I still qualify for financing school?
I need help with 18 yr old daughter doing poorly in $40k college - Lazy, unmotivated, depressed....?1jeian2012-11-04 06:58:02
My dughter is 18, I am a single mother. I have an older daughter 20, who is a GREAT student in college, gets good grades, and cares about her future. 18 yr old is near genius IQ, always got pretty good grades in school, Honor Society, etc. She came home from college (500 miles away) with F, C+, C-, D and a B. I'm sick over it. She has loans to pay for school, and the rest are grants and scholarships. She is SO smart, but does so badly. She misses class, goes late, etc. She is always sad because she doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. I say just take classes that might interest you to FIND OUT what you like. She wants to drop out and just 'work' because as an 18 yr old she thinks its awesome to have money to buy things with. I don't want her to drop out. I don't want to kick her out, I don't know what to do. I love her so much though. She has had a hard life, all 3 of us have, as their dad left us when they were little, and we have been very poor. PLEASE ADVISE
How can I make my daughter responsible for paying her college loans?2paul white2012-10-14 04:09:03
She knows that these loans must be repaid , but have difficulty obtaining full -time employment . Lenders are aware of your financial situation and , therefore , looks to me to make the payments as I am a co -signer . I think this has gone on too long . Is there a way to consolidate multiple loans at a low interest rate ?
Daughter is looking for a secure online personal loan with payment plan for $1500?0Fida2012-10-19 08:52:50
your credit is not great - want to get a loan with no payments , where you have to return in a week or 90 days has a good job , sure , just poor credit - she wants to find a good company and reliable reasonable interest for this loan , where you can get approved with bad credit , no fuss / no muss
How to stop my daughter borrowing money from online loan companies? I've just paid off 1palmer2012-10-14 01:39:02
My daughter is unemployed and depressed and bored at home. She has friends , but all of them are working and worshiping in clubs every weekend . In order to join his friends , my daughter went online and borrowed money from a loan company that has no way to pay . Interest rates are exorbitant and I am very worried that I will end up bankrupt trying to keep out of debt.
Daughter attempting to get student loans. When apply online, being denied with us as co-signer, where to go?4Zoltan2012-10-14 11:27:03
I had to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy about 1 year due to a loss of business. The bankruptcy has been discharged and currently earn ~ $ 156,000 / year now. My wife earns $ 32,000 / year. My daughter is trying to get student loans applying online , you will be denied when we try to apply with us as co -signers. Recommendations on how to get your help?
I need a personal loan for a online college name Herzing College Online?0zach johnson2012-10-27 09:47:57
I need a loan in which I can spend on things I need for school supplies like computers and university . Any suggestions ? I need a loan where I can spend the money I need I have really wanted to start college June 12 .

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