What to do with my car after I file bankruptcy?

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I have not paid a car note since November 2011 and I'm pretty sure it was a takeover . I filed for bankruptcy in mid-January and put the car loan in the list of things they could not afford . It is now May and still have not been contacted or attempted to get the car. Should I call and ask when they will come for her or should I just wait ?
Answer1ALEX2Answered at 2012-10-14 19:53:30
If you must call
Answer2pratimaAnswered at 2012-10-16 18:43:01
I would contact the lender to inquire . Is there a possibility that they have been trying to reach an old phone number had to disconnect because of bankruptcy ? Could it be that the holdup is with paperwork . Do you have a contact for when presented banruptcy ? You may have to call the person to ask about him too.
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