I need financial, debt and student loan advice (or where to find how to get advice)?

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This is long and complicated and I'm sorry, but I am in desperate need of help because I'm so overwhelmed. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I graduated from a public school in December over 80K in private and government student loans (It was so loud because where I went to school, the cost of living is very high and for most of the time I could not get donations). In January, I moved to another state with my husband to find work. We had enough money to last out there for about 5 or 6 months with the hope that this gives us enough time to find jobs. Through circumstances beyond our control we ended our last two months can not pay any of our bills for not having a job despite not being picky about where you applied and spend every day for completing applications and presentation resumes. We had to move back to the state where our families live and are now living with my husband's parents as we try to pay our debt, fix our credit and even save some money. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Under normal circumstances, I am very good with the accounts. I set alarms to remind me to pay and I had no problems until it became financially unstable. Suddenly we are on the verge of becoming homeless due and all kinds of things ... especially since my student loan deferments are upstairs. I sent paperwork to try to obtain indulgences for loan delinquency (private I have leans across three different places, and government loans through 2 because my original loan instead committed a government loan seconds to a different place. Difficult , I know). Now they are all saying "We never received any documentation", but I have proof it was sent, or tell me "These documents are not valid because the law changed and we need to submit new documents." Documents sent three months ago! Why are you telling me this RIGHT NOW? Ugh. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So originally going to file papers saying they have no income or job. But a stroke of luck brought me a job. The pay is not what it should be, but my debt stacking and the fact that it is a job to do something I love, I took it. My husband, however, is still struggling terribly with the job search. And now I do not know what to do with our debt and my student loans and how to fix our problems and bring us back to the path of financial stability. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have the 80k (total between 7 different accounts ...) in student loans that are behind. I have an outstanding debt to a utility ($ 200), ISP ($ 200) and the rate of transfer of contract of the apartment they had rented ($ 760), the credit card debt that is 2 months late ($ 2,500) and a personal loan that I had to take to fix my car damaged ($ 3,500). As of now, we have no monthly bill, except a bill auto insurance that comes in the third week of September and we have to be able to pay about $ 100 to $ 125 per month on gas. I only make about $ 1,600 before taxes and since I live in CA I will have a lot of taxes taken out of it. Because I have so many bills to deal with, I feel totally overwhelmed and have no idea where to start or what to do. My first paycheck is coming and I pay a lower debt with the majority. But again, overwhelmed and do not know what to do. Any help I magic. Thank you!

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