What to do for a college student stuck living with parents to afford it? related questions

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What to do for a college student stuck living with parents to afford it?0Tahjae2012-10-10 21:49:31
I have 21 years old and still lives at home because I go to school and can not afford to live on my own. It says on the FAFSA that my parents make a lot of money, so they can not borrow to move. I end up owing the school about $ 800 per semester, plus the cost of books, around $ 1,000 to buy cars for the year. I spoke and asked for financial assistance to help me and my parents tell me to do much and my grades are very average. I can not qualify for scholarships in the amount of my parents and my grades to average. I have to work around 30 hours - full time a week to afford to go, they also influence my notes. My parents can not and I will help. They spend money on tax returns that are tax deductible to the students and as a dependent, so it is out of the question too. This is not illegal, as are claiming me as a dependent. I looked at him and asked. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am completely independent and pay for everything myself. I buy my organic foods can be expensive, but I have a thyroid problem and try to take good care of my body. They will eat my food, even when they have no food. Also whenever I have to pick up things for my house very often and do not get paid back because I live there rent. Also stuck doing chores and carrying my little sister everywhere because he refuses to learn to drive. They are helping with the books when they start college soon and has never worked. I do not see them consistently told her that she lives rent free and not nearly as much as I do at home. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want out so bad because no matter how much food you buy is always eaten by someone else and plus I'm exhausted. I just want to do well in school to get into graduate school. I can not do well because of all the things you have to do just to get to school. MedlinePlus My parents also say that when I move I are taking your health, so I would not be able to see a dr for as cheap as I do now for my thyroid problem. I feel like they want me stuck here to take care of things at home. If I express my opinions in the least threatening to kick me out. I have a family that could live with but they live far away for me to go to school and I can not transfer schools so close to my graduation. I also can not live in BC bedroom flat-out do not you can afford. My grandparents help me as much as you can and have given me a car and sometimes help me buy books, but can not afford to help pay for a room or apartment. MedlinePlus All suggestions are greatly appreciated! It was not a question so long looking for advice. I can not tell a short story to save my life. Just want to know if anyone else in a similar situation and what they do to survive. I would like some information on cheap government housing or any option like that.
How will i afford college LIVING EXPENSES? HELP PLEASE?1Anon2012-10-07 08:27:02
I will attend Spartanburg Methodist College in Spartanburg, SC in the fall . I have no car , no job , and I only get one U.S. dollar 200 check every month . How will I pay for college and earn a living ? I can not get a loan because I have no credit and my mom has bad credit . I filled out my FAFSA and received a $ 3,500 scholarship . How do I pay everything else as books , computers and cars ?
Im smart but cant afford college! parents say NO!?4Ann james2012-10-02 02:01:03
im a little freaked out because I'm a senior in high school , and recently my family is doing poorly financially , my parents never married and live with my mother , no siblings and she does as 85,000 a year and my dad as 20,000 but I can help me. my mom sucks at handling money and says that by the end of the month to pay all your bills she is in debt , live in southern California, which is very expensive and we r fighting . she already has a second mortgage and have to pay more than 3000 per month. im a great student 4.4 gpa 2220 on the SAT , sports, all asb , but I can not get any financial aid or scholarships , white man is a bad combination , also I can not take loans , bad credit and no collateral mom . What should I do ! My parents did not save for college and now I'm screwed. I want to go to school like USC or UCLA , but USC is 50,000 a year and UCLA as 30, with expenses. besides that I have a car yet and I have all AP classes and can not work , no time . My parents say that the state school and working through school , but I want to be a doctor , the state is not good enough or have the programs I need! pls help ! running out of time ! I can not even pay the costs of implementation , but colleges do not care , all I see is that my parents make over 100,000 a year , but do not understand that number is closer to 0 with expenses! im soo scared! im stay in Ca too! by the way , sorry for the terrible grammar , I'm just a little panicked !
College graduate who has been living with parents since October-Should I just pack my bags and move to a city?1mechelle2012-10-20 08:16:02
I graduated from college almost a year ago now ( spring 2009) , and have had no luck landing any jobs in my field . I came home with my parents in October and have been holding two jobs in retail since. My hometown is very rural and has a lot of international business opportunities (which is what I studied ) . I'm going crazy .. there is nothing to do here , and I feel like I'm wasting time that should be networked . My parents will not let me out until I have a job full time, but I'm thinking about getting up and moving somewhere. I feel like I'm in a city that would help my job prospects instead of applying in a small town hundreds of miles away . If I moved somewhere, I could at least work in customer service job opportunity until full time appears . I feel like it's just a waste to be here at 22, when it should be starting a life. I know I will not get a job sitting here . I have accepted a few graduate programs outside the state beginning in the fall , my parents see it as a waste of time , but I know it will open many doors . What should I do ? Should I choose a place and stay there ? Even applying for jobs through my computer in a village bumpkin while working in retail ? Go to graduate school and get loans ? Ugh , it's so frustrating , and I'm tired of living with my parents and being in the middle of nowhere .
Graduate student- living with parents?0Peggie2012-08-14 00:32:35
Until August this year , I was living on my own and working full time . In August I moved with my parents and returned to full-time graduate school. I am paying my own way, although the school through student loans and I 'm paying all my bills ( car , credit cards , insurance , loan payments ... ). Did not charge me rent and not pay for food . ¿ I can claim myself as independent for tax purposes this year? Or is that my parents tell me how dependent I have to say that can be claimed as a dependent me? I need all the help I can get my tax bill down , as my income has decreased dramatically since August due to quit my job.
How to pay off $100,000 student loans when living at home with parents?0◘◘¢¾bEa¢¾◘◘2012-10-01 14:58:03
I have 21 years and my mom told me that she owes nearly $ 100,000 in student loan debt for me . I did my best to keep the money in scholarships and grants as possible but as I go to a private school , helped only by a minimum. So I decided I want to help my mom pay for it all, living with her for a couple of years , and pay with a decent paying job . I have a job already , but is in school and not pay much now, but I'm waiting for the fall ( I have to take another 4 college classes ) I can get a real job that pays more because I need work experience in the field my goal then and hoping to pay off student loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm not sure how many years it will take to pay , but I hope it is not too long if I live with my mother for a couple of years , and the payment as soon as possible while I'm finishing school when I can get a better paying job in a few months . I'm trying to be smart and realistic about this, but I'm a little scared at that price than my mom should . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How long will it take me to pay this amount in 2-7 years ( I would like to pay as quickly as possible , but I know I can not afford that speed unless I was somehow magically rich ) ?
If You Can't Afford College, Could You Afford It With Mostly Student Loans?0marmot2012-08-15 04:33:02
Student loans could pay for my bedroom and such - I've been going to college part time for two years, only took twelve hours so far. And I have paid almost all of my college tuition , either pale or donations in cash , however , I have $ 600 in student loans, I would have to start paying in March - I really feel it's time to go to college - I am considering attending the University drop 09 ' -
Single parent w/too much student loan debt afford living, and too much income for assistance, any answers?0Ruzan2012-10-12 12:26:29
I recently decided that I can not live w / my parents toxic . Which means that my 6.5 y.o. daughter and I are now homeless . Currently we are staying at my sister 's house , but clearly not allow this luxury for long. I have a good career and work full time , but I borrowed much money while in school , my student loan debt is more than half my income and debt w / other I basically have zero dollars left for child care or housing, my sister is a teacher and off in the summer , but once school starts I'll be homeless w / out child car and this will make the job difficult , I have been looking at the government resources , but b / c I mostly go by income and household size do not qualify . Basically , I'm looking to move into a home with two degrees and work full time as a registered nurse.this is why I went to school in the first place to provide for myself and my parents are no longer daughter.The option and I have no friends in this state
My Parents can no longer afford to pay my tuition, So I have a some questions about student loans?2paul gokool2012-11-02 15:19:02
My tuition / room and board is $ 8,000 this semester. ¿ I can get extra money to help pay for my car / spending money, etc. How else can pull it off? I play a sport too, so I can not get a job. I have a job for the summer, but do not have enough money. I am very good at handling money and I am not someone who will go into deep debt or anything else, so I was wondering what would be the maximum that could be drawn? Also, when you start paying , and how long time to go? If theres anything else I should know , say so. thanks
I wanted to know if i am stuck with a car loan that i can no longer afford??1Tyisha2012-09-26 11:48:02
I have the car i February and can no longer make the payments. I tried to tell them that I do not want more and threaten to garnish my wages if I did not keep the car . When I first signed for the car i signed a statement saying that we would try to solve it first and then go to court . follow up and this can really makes me keep a car that I can not pay ?
My name is mike, i am an online college student. i need a student loan to pay for my family's living expences.0Debbi2012-10-07 03:59:29
Heres the deal, all my school related expences are served by federal loans . I'm about to have a family of 4 and I was out of work in a workers compensation case . my question is, is there some type of student loan that you can use with a co -signer , to pay my expences life ( about 15,000) that I can Deffer payment until graduation ? if so , how do I get it ?
College student unhappy living at school?0maliyah2012-10-26 09:21:19
I'm a sophomore in college, living in the school for a second year. Last year I lived with my friend from high school but hated it because it is very irritating each other. I always looked forward to breaks and go home and live well planned with a random partner this year. I like my roommate, she's pretty and all, but I always feel lonely because she is not in the room. Normally I'm gone 8:00 a.m.-3 pm, but after that I am in the room doing homework or relax. I hung with 3 friends last week, but as soon as I returned to my room I felt very empty once. My bedroom is quite large, I think it makes it harder to be alone in a way (there is a living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen). I invited my friends to come, but they are busy with their work and have good living situations (living with friends who get along with well) so that I can understand. I feel so sad and hard for me to concentrate on my work. I live about an hour from home and I've been seriously considering the displacements of this year and the next two years, but I feel bad because just this weekend my mom and I bought a TV and some other things for my room. And also took out loans for tuition, and do not know if the school would eliminate the cost of food and bedrooms at this point (second week). MedlinePlus My friend from high school had this same problem and movements of this year. My other friend says I should give a little more of a chance and see how I feel then. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It's hard because I feel so sad and lonely, but I'm really trying to hold. I also feel a bit like a failure because I could not room here several times and I told my mom and family this summer I went to the bedroom this year and not go home as often on weekends (last year I I went home every weekend). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice?

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