Can anyone help with a question about student loan repayment in the Marine Corps? related questions

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Can anyone help with a question about student loan repayment in the Marine Corps?0Kelsie2012-10-10 17:40:27
I have long wanted to join the Marines. I graduated from college with a double -major degree in English and History , and owes a lot of money ( not a huge amount, just more of what I'd like ) , and wondered if the Marines had some sort program to help me pay for it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The thing is that most of these programs seem inclined to become those officials . I , however , am not so interested in going that route . Can a Marine enlisted help pay off student loans no? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your help .
Does the Marine Corps offer loan repayment?0raychael2012-10-06 17:22:03
He was beginning the process of joining the military , but I need some information from MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I want to enlist in the Marine Corps Reserves but I have to repay student loans college . Believe me when I tell you it has nothing to do with money or benefits , but do not know how it will work for me . I was considering active duty Marines but I had heard that offer no SLRP / CLRP - I really do not want to join the Army and prefers to enlist in the Navy if necessary , but the Marine Corps is my first choice , please someone who is experienced in real life and FACTS help with some information ... Thank you.
Does the Marine Corps have a loan repayment program?0komi2012-10-01 06:12:02
I plan to graduate from college in the coming years and plan to join the Corps later. Do you have a program of loan repayment ? Thank you.
Student loan programs for Marine Corps officers?0Zoltan2012-11-05 23:45:42
My boyfriend is thinking about becoming an officer for the Marines. He's a recent college grad and he is wondering what good programs there are for helping pay his college student loans if he becomes an officer. Any help?
Will the Marine Corps pay for my college if i have already graduated?0Amos2012-11-02 15:23:48
I am interested in joining the Marine Corps after i graduate from college. Does anyone know if they will pay for my student loans? If yes, would they pay for the student loans and pay for a masters degree as well? Any help would be great! Thanks!
Marine Corps PLC, how competitive is it to get into this program?0prttyizs2012-08-27 11:51:02
Besides, the Marine Corps has a student loan repayment program for its officers ? thanks
How do benefits from the army differ from the marine corps?3cary2012-11-02 11:05:02
As tuition assistance , loan payments, etc ?
Can you take out a Student Loan for Job Corps?1`2012-09-11 14:36:04
I'm looking at the Job Corps program and I have a friend who has been very interested for a while as well , but she has a car payment to make each month and I was wondering if anyone knows if you can get a student loan through FAFSA to pay for expenses such as car payments , bills, cell phones and anything else that is holding you back financially to attend the Job Corps program . I know that Job Corps is a free program but with a allowence of only $ 50 monthy who could afford a car payment ...
Do Marines have CLRP? Question for Marine officer recruiter?3suzie2017-09-22 01:07:46
I talked to a Navy officer recruiter yesterday during an exhibition race , and he seemed a very nice and honest . I asked if the Marines had a CLRP ( college loan repayment program ) . I said the Marines do not offer that. He said : "To be honest with you , all the services out there offering more money ( bonds ) of the Marines . 's Army has most of the bonds, and will throw the most money to join , while Marines try to persuade you by telling you how badass it will become. " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus During my research of the various branches , I'm thinking of joining , I found this site http :/ / / cs / joiningup
Can I Make Payments On My Student Loan If I Quit School To Join Job Corps?0Tomeika2012-08-26 17:54:03
Okay so I have been looking for an answer to this question every day and can not seem to find one , I'm in a community college right now and I feel like I have to stay , like I was making any progress . Job Corps learned about my counselor and I am considering it , as it would be much faster and I love the feeling of progress is being made and I feel like one at all has been done for two years I've been in school for the community. So my question is if I can do this , can the student loan payment allows me to do it ? No I will gladly burn payments i just dont want to do this and be thousands of dollars in debt . I think this would be a big decision for me , so please any help or advice will
My student loan can't be deferred while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. Are there any other options?0sorrymypostissolong:)2012-10-26 09:38:48
I want to volunteer in the Peace Corps , but I have a private student loan ( Wells Fargo Collegiate Loan ) is not eligible for deferment or federal consolidation , and would be very difficult to make payments during my time of service. MedlinePlus Are there other options for me ? ?
Question about student loan repayment?2bob HELP NEEDED HELP NEEDED HELP NEEDED2012-10-12 13:22:03
I took out student loans throughout my college career , but have since dropped out. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not know when shelling out my pittance of a salary to pay these conglomo bank , but I guess it is " after graduation " . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well, you know by now that my future "career" will be limited to domestic work and low-wage employment . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically , if I have curiosity , if repayment term before dying , that these debts were passed on to my children? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do these loans pay him to pay ?

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