Does anyone know if Ace Cash Express will send an upaid check for a payday loan to the DA's office? related questions

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Does anyone know if Ace Cash Express will send an upaid check for a payday loan to the DA's office?0Jess2012-10-10 11:18:57
My mother took a payday loan through Ace and has not returned . From now on your billing department , but I want to know if it's just collections remain a problem or do you have to worry about a warrant for a hot check .
How much is the fee to cash a payroll check at Ace Cash Express and what else do you know about the process?0i hate catherine 2012-09-27 14:04:03
I'm not looking for a loan .... I just want to cash my paycheck.
Can I send online payday loan services a check to pay them off?0Sherif2012-10-01 11:49:03
I got in a bind and had 10 payday loans online out. My credit union will give me a personal loan to pay off these loans , as well as some of my other accounts. I asked for an address . That has been very difficult for me . My bank also revoked his attempt to take the fees from my account . Do I need to just call them and tell them I will pay in full or what? And is there any way to get the addresses of these companies offline or I have to go about this a different way . My credit union never allowed to take money out of my account again.
I had a payday loan with ace cash express in texas do you know what they can do i only got it in dec 07,?0Bunnie2012-08-24 00:20:21
the collection agency guy said I had to take 500 tomorrow and will close the case and I tld nsf to google and this was a serious matter that I have a payday loan with no intention of return on investment , which does not is true , what I can do or what are our options ? What can you do ?
When you get a student loan, do they send you a check to cash, or does it go straight to the school?2sy2012-09-07 06:27:03
When you get a student loan , have you sent a check to cash, or go directly to school?
Should i send i reconsider to American Express?1GOGIRL2012-09-28 12:18:02
I applied the Blue Sky card and was denied. My credit scores are low to mid- 700. I had a lot of inquiries and credit short length . that's why I was rejected . I have 3 credit cards around 1 year old and a loan of 1000 is almost certain to pay $ 200 balance . I have only to create credit . I wan a good cc and this is the one I want . i always pay in full each month and never late . Will I have the opportunity to be approved ? pls give me an honest answer plz mature . ill give 10 points to the best answer
Surveys that I do online can they just send me a check,instead of doing another survey to get the cash?0Ignatius2012-11-04 04:07:02
when I do these surveys and Anwer them the best I can , I wondered instead of making me do another survey for my money , I was wondering if I can send a check or money order instead of doing all this survey , if you know what I'm saying this right , but wondered if I need money for college or the loan is to pay off school , or do things that I can not answer .
Where can I cash a check in Miami send to me by RBC Royal bank of canada?1Lorie2012-10-24 01:53:03
The check is from RBC to JP Morgan Chase Bank which is in New York . the check has my name. the amount is U.S. $ 8,200 . I tried to deposit in my bank Wamu but say they have a hold of two months until deactivated . Does anyone know what might be the best thing to do. This check is to pay off my student loans ... If you need more information. let me know .
I got a Check from my College's Bursar office..Can i use this check for personal use?1she2012-10-27 17:54:06
I received 2 checks accumulated $ 80 of the Business Office at my school .. I also took out loans ... we received two checks and do not know why they gave me the ... anyway I took them but I'm having a little paranoid thoughts like maybe I needed to give this to my loan providers ..
Have you ever worked for Check Into Cash, or any other Payday Loan store?0Tameika2012-09-28 15:06:06
I just got a job interview and want to know some information about this company or want to here about your experiance working in this field .
If the loaner of a payday loan doesn't cash check, am i responsible for reminding them?0philena2012-10-04 00:49:02
I took out a payday loan for more than three weeks. What should have been taken last week. I'm sure that any day will be charged , but if they should call and ask for him . Do I have to ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( I know that payday loans are terrible , so it is not necessary here than in the respnse )
Have you ever worked at Check Into Cash as a customer Service Rep...Or any other Payday/Loan Store?0Eunice Kim2012-10-05 08:18:19
I really want to know what you think about working in one of these stores .

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