I need advice anyone? positive honest advice thanks?

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Okay, so now iam a college student , and I am at a crossroads if I sell my car and move to Boston and just restart my life.Or stay where iam least another two years and finish my degree and my pre reqs - well i can apply to dental / pa school.I wanted to move and go to Boston University and finish my degree but iam sure of the cost .. and if it is even worth it .... I am very unhappy where I am , but regardless if I walk away or stay still I have to work to make ends meet in my own.So wondering if I can get honest advice about the others who were in a similar boat ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and note, I'm going to school now cheap enough where I have to get any debt student.loans or so ... I'm not sure what to do .
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Boston is expensive to live in because of the high rent. almost all students , hell , even working professionals , have roommates to share apartment in spending . Deval patricik not because the tax rate went up to 6.25 % from 5% . and let's not forget that all residents of communication are required to have health insurance unless they want to pay a fine . for students , some prefer to pay the fine than to get health insurance because it is cheaper . cost of health insurance continues to rise . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus but on the positive side , Boston has a great public transportation system , while it lasts. MBTA ( Mass Bay Transportation Authority ) in some way to waste hundreds of millions of dollars , and is now in huge debt . rates have gone up and there is another hike soon if there is no alternative solution . lines have been discontinued. Basically , if you can walk, walk . I spent $ 6.26 on the railing , and then another $ 2 for the subway ride (1.70 if I had a charlie card , which I did , but it expired , so the MBTA stole money from me) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus despite all these bad things about boston , yet to live here because there is nothing worse than working through classes because I hate both . I started with the engineering courses and hatred . was day after day of torture taking classes that I have no interest in. I was not happy until finally the whole program and went to another program , but that was after 2.5 years of misery .
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