If a quick cash loan place took money out of an account after the person died? related questions

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If a quick cash loan place took money out of an account after the person died?0myself2012-10-09 23:15:04
My mother has recently died , to finance and found two fast cash loans had taken money from your checking account after she had died . ( died 13, took the 16) 19 in the bank found out these operations . A place took another 126.56 and 940 . The first place I called and faxed them the death certificate for the loss they apologized and said they would refund the money and after a few days he was back in the account . The second ( 940) I've been getting a run around now for almost 2 weeks and now are saying that they are only responsible for the repayment of the loan amount 140 and the other 800 is for them because they had notified the past before that the 940 was set out . So is there a way to get the full refund ?
How do I claim money owed to me if person has died in accident?6Monti2012-11-04 04:38:02
This is my story - I loaned a "friend " of a large sum of money ( $ 35K ) to invest in your business. This was a cash loan without a paper trail for tax purposes . He was going to pay by a certain date (plus interest ) , but he was killed in an accident two days before the " payday " . I'm not sure how to approach this matter with your family or if I should even try personally or you should hire a lawyer. I lost my job due to the recession and can not afford to hire a lawyer , but can not afford to write it off just fine .... this was my life savings and I need help finding the way back. MedlinePlus A few things to note - I have a paper trail ... I have all the emails we exchanged about business / money and the receipt of the withdrawal of money from my bank . Does this help ?
Does anyone know of a cash advance place that will loan you money with only a savings account?5Dicky2012-09-25 01:31:02
I want to get a cash advance , but all I have is a savings account , does anyone know of a place to lend me money without a checking account
Does anyone out there know what a person can do if they need some quick cash?0todd2012-10-05 22:47:21
My husband is in a bad financial bind right now and need to borrow some money but we have declared bankruptcy and have not been able to find someone to help us. I know there's someone out there who knows what I 'm talking about! If anyone can help me solve this problem please give me something . If we try to go through payday loans say they are overdrawn at the bank and I will not. Why try to borrow money ? Because you need not only to THR hell of it. If you have answers for me , please let me know .
Does that quick loan $1,500 cash overnight in your bank account really work?0surfsupmel2012-10-14 21:24:11
I see we announced in T.V. much and made me think I should try this?
Need advice on a reputable loan place to get quick cash and apply on line.?0Khloe2012-09-17 20:53:04
Kind of in a bind and need some extra cash for the holidays. Have a bankruptcy on me since last year I just wanted a couple hundred to help with my children 's parties .
Help! $2643 Court Fine due mid summer, Anyone know of a quick cash loan place?1Llama gone Bonkers 2012-11-03 09:26:02
Hi guys , I have a $ 2,643 fine track that I have to pay to the court for a DUI Couty I got last year and it is too early for next month's mid-September . These past months have been pretty hard for me financinally . It has been hard and my new job is commisson straight . But the work is slow right now for me . I 'm super stressed out , becuase I have no money and have this fine large cut in front and if you do not pay at the time , the judge throw me back in jail ( he hates me . I did see up time instead of 10% b / c I was late to court to give myslef for my DUI second. 2 = mandatory jail DUIS . Istead I have a month of four days . stunk ) MedlinePlus But anyway , anyone know of any cash advance place that allows me to borrow money and pay in installments rather than all at onece . I really do not have good credit . Please no rude answers . Thank you.
URGENT HELP NEEDED!!! What is the best source for a quick cash loan to refinance an overdrawn account?9indeya2012-11-03 05:55:02
Furthermore , all right to go to the same bank checking account ( Bank of America) and ask for a cash loan. I need about $ 200, but I have a lot of credit or a job at this point and the bank will close my account and I am informed of a system of account verification in less than a week if I do not fully pay them, what that would seriously damage my financial future . I'm looking to use the excess money from student loan to repay the loan in cash. Any insight is much appreciated !
What is a good place to get a cash advance really quick in Kansas? Please Help!!?1aaa2012-09-19 20:18:02
I need some sort of payday loan or cash advance today and all I can get. Does anyone know a good place to do this ?
Where is a good place for Quick Online Cash Loans?1chetna shetty2012-09-23 14:59:02
Where is the best place to go for quick payday loans ? I have bills to tomorrow what it has to be fast and accept bad credit . Any idea ?
How can a person get a cash loan WITHOUT checking account etc. Strictly on merit, and, payable within few days0Claud2012-09-07 13:00:03
receive payment in 4-5 days , a situation that requires having money today vehicle is used as collateral to secure interim lender receives the loan . The attempt to acquire an impossible , probably , but I thought it would be worth trying.
Where do you go for a quick cash loan for a person with bad credit (not with a payday loan co.)?0hobit!2012-10-01 08:05:02
Where to go for a quick cash loan for someone with bad credit (not a payday loan co . ) ?

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