Can I cancel an auto sale if I signed the sale and loan papers but did not drive the car off the lot yet? related questions

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Can I cancel an auto sale if I signed the sale and loan papers but did not drive the car off the lot yet?3Ms. Lisa2012-08-26 15:45:02
I signed papers on a used car dealer (in MA), but we took our " old" car home for the night to clean and leave our "new " car in the parking lot of banking. Now I have buyer's remorse . It's a very good car , the dealer will not deceive me, but it's not what I want. ¿ I can get out of this deal? Do not put any money down.
I need to sale my house fast. will go into foreclosure on August 8th. Need to sale before.What is short sale?1Arielys2012-10-01 12:40:04
I was waiting for a loan modification to pay an agency to do. MedlinePlus There was no evidence that the modification angency even attempted . Home Assure - Never use them .
Can I cancel a car finance loan that I signed papers for with my ex-boyfriend if I am no longer with him?7goldfinch2012-10-07 14:17:02
I signed the papers for the loan with my ex when he was not, obviously, but my ex. Both agree that the money would come out of my account, and that is not paid as regularly as I do. Now we're not together no more and no longer want to pay for a car that is not even in my name. He does not give me money for it, but I do wish to pay as it will hurt my credit score. Also, do not give the bank a check empty your bank information on it, which would be ideal, of course. ¿ I can cancel the car loan on my own? Or will I have to take it to court ?
Seller withholding car after bill of sale is signed?3gull_seagull2012-10-06 22:35:03
I recently signed a contract to sell a used car through a private party . Now , the seller is saying they want to keep the car for another 2 months before delivering the car to me. No money has changed hands but already approved in my bank for a car loan and I am waiting for the check. Is it acceptable for the seller to do this ?
Signed Blank Bill of Sale at Boat Show, What Do I Do If we Don0Teddie2012-10-13 18:57:41
My husband and I went to a boat show and decided to finally upgrade our boat to a Supra 2011. However, since ceased
Have you bought or sold a home in a short sale or represented a seller or buyer in a short sale?0Julian2012-09-23 18:12:07
I made a cash offer on a short sale property in Largo, Florida about 3 weeks. The sales manager is Everhome Mortgage loans . I read that Everhome requires R.E. agents / brokers go through "Sale Fast National " to submit their bids . Soooo if you have bought or sold a home through the short sale is where Everhome servicer or if you are an agent / broker who has had dealings with Everhome Mortgage or National Quick Sale I would like to hear your experiences . MedlinePlus thank you very much
Do I need to pay sale tax for my car when I refinance my auto loan?2HELPPPPP!2012-10-07 23:05:03
I say that refinancing is like selling a car , so I have to pay sales tax and car license including smog check again . Is this true ?
Can you get a good auto loan rate after short sale?1Taylor mcBride2012-08-17 18:34:03
My husband and I had a flawless credit (over 800) before we close a short sale last year ( about 7 months). We unexpectedly fell pregnant with our third child, which means that we must invest in the van to accommodate our car seats three. Our credit score has recovered very well ( around 726 and 708) in the last 7 months. Chase Bank refused our request for an auto loan so now we are looking for online alternatives. The vehicle you are interested in buying is about $ 24k (including VAT ) and we have $ 5k to put down on the vehicle. Can be passed with a low interest rate -ish with the only flaw in our credit history ? Anyone have experience with this and can give us an idea of ​​what to expect ? Thanks for your time!
Criagslist auto sale scams?3Genevieve2012-09-13 06:20:03
I'm looking to buy a used car and was driven by friends to craigslist. I think it's too good to be true. This is one of the responses received (I removed the name of the seller): MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus seller for me show details 19:56 (11 hours ago) MedlinePlus Hello, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The car remains available.2006 Nissan Maxima SE 3.5L V6 - Mileage: 48.350, Black / Black, Transmission: Automatic, Leather seats, power seats, heated seats, bucket seats, memory seat, automatic climate control, headlights Xenon, Navigation System, Power windows, passenger airbag, side airbags, power steering, Power Locks, Sun Roof, wireless headset, keyless entry, CD Changer, total number of speakers: 8, Air conditioning.The vehicle has been well care, always kept in the garage. Flawless exterior / interior condition, no scratches, no dents, no accidents of history, full service, no car is paid finance.The slope and has a clear title. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a sergeant in the U.S. Army and my battalion was transferred to the United Kingdom from 11 months experience program.The vehicle transmission is in Helena, MT and my wife will take care of shipping and will be delivered within 3 to 5 days, depending on your location.Also i can send the car for free anywhere USA.This is our second family car and must be sold to pay the mortgage on the house and my daughter to college fees.The time is short and that is the reason for leaving the car price. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My last price is $ 2,850, shipping included, and all documents shall be submitted with it.We are used eBay to ensure our business because it protects both buyer and seller. You send the money to eBay and withhold payment until the vehicle arrives. You have 7 days to inspect and I get the money after making sure that all is well and decides to keep it. If you do not like the car and want to return it, I will pay the return shipping and will be reimbursed 100% by ebay. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In order to move forward I will need your full name, address and phone number so you can register the eBay.After agree that eBay will send the payment order. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks, MedlinePlus Seller MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS No disrespect, please consider taking a loan before proceeding, if you do not have the funds available to the vehicle.If you need more pictures, just let me know.
Do banks usually give auto loans for a car you are buying that is "For sale by owner"?0Loli2012-09-10 05:30:02
I'm looking to buy a car that is sold by its owner , and I was not sure if I could get the bank to loan me the money for the car in this case . I decided to ask people here before going to the bank to ask too . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If banks do not usually offer auto loans for such purchases , are more likely to give a personal loan , because the loan is to purchase the asset side ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for your help .
Private Party Auto Sale (Military) broke down in 2 days! Help, I'm desarate!?0Chy2012-11-04 08:29:31
I am in the military and I bought my Commander's car because he is going on deployment. It's a 2003 Pontiac Vibe 5 speed base. In less than 40 miles it had major issues. I had it towed and inspected and the transmission is shot along with the clutch. I know all sales are "as-is", but I have pre-sale inspection records for the vehicle that passed in March (I bought it less than two months after the inspection was passed) I'm worried that I'm stuck with the 4,350 loan from the bank and the 4,000 repair cost. I really need help because I can't afford something like this, especially at my pay grade. It could also get me kicked out of the military if I don't pay it. I am so desperate! Please help me. It will be ten points to your account, or it will be a debt of $10,000 to my account :( HELP!!!
Cancel car warranty before i drive away?1Doret2012-08-19 00:48:03
I'm trying to get a $ 8,000 car , dealer says that the credit on ur not good, got a score of 570 , so it offers a 23.99 percent financing , , so for 60 months I pay 320 a month , says buying the warranty , I have signed the agreement , which did not give anymoney down yet, or a void check , came back today and wondered why the price of the car loan is 12000 + around 7000 the interest , in addition to trade in my car for $ 1000, I realized the 2-year warranty is $ 3500 for the financing of the purchase im car , I said this, may be lost in the leaf, there are more documents to sign, so I have not driven the car yet , ¿ I can cancel the warranty? he says he already inspected the car for you , , I'm so fucking crazy ! ! ! 1SO think im cominh morning with an empty verification , ¿ I can negotiate to void the warranty ?

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