How is property divided during a divorce? (Kansas)?

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I've been married for five years . Throughout our marriage , my husband has earned an average of $ 15,000 per year. It spends more than it earns . ( Alcohol , cigarettes , casinos , strip clubs , electronics , fast food ... ) MedlinePlus A few months later we were married , we applied for a mortgage loan. I found I had to pay your student loans and a Discover card . He had paid his dues and use my savings to make a down payment on our home . MedlinePlus I earned about $ 60,000 per year over our marriage . No drinking, smoking or extravagant purchases . I would love to file for divorce , but I am worried about losing the house and the cars I've worked so hard to buy . A judge makes financial contributions and personal responsibility into account when dividing property ? Is there a possibility that you may have to provide financial support for my husband after a divorce ?

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