Who is kidding who here .BUSH economy down in the dumps.?

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LOOKING for example in housing construction down 50 % from last year . The new construction projects at a stand still . We used three cranes tower in the city at all times and usually 5 and now nothing . MedlinePlus Our economy is about to tank and Bush continues to tell America everything is fine . ALL these adjustable rate loans over the past six years beyond increasing the ability of people to make payments . MedlinePlus Forget banckruptcy landfills across the United States increased at an all time high with investors and builders with much material and no way to pay for it . But they all bought and paid for a nice home for them and companies default on 60000000 biiger when dollar loans continue to maintain the 10,000 who bought 000 houses . But working america will pay for Bush in a big way . I feel sorry for those who have no job security and pentions . Look, I could close tomorrow and survive for 10 years. But I'm a conservative . I know it works in the U.S. and what you can afford .
Answer1ALGYAnswered at 2012-10-19 09:11:57
bla , bla , bla , bla ! !
Answer2CharAnswered at 2012-11-05 15:33:23
I totally agree!!! People say all the time that cit's not his entire fault that the economy is failing but I think it is! It's all his new policies on social security, taxes, and the war that caused out budget crisis.

I don't want to hear anything about 9/11 causing the economy crash because thats just ignorant bull ****. Bush's actions and policies are what caused this. There were plenty of terrorist attacks and economy threats under clinton, but notice everything stayed in check until he left office? And Bush would have gone to war with the middle east regardless of 9/11. The war was supposed to be A WAR ON TERROR. Now were fighting to liberate the entire middle east? what? The war has nothing to do with revenge or justice for americans. And I think it's funny that Bush owns an oil companyand is known to profit highly from oil sales in the US, and he just happens to have troops in the oil center of the world. I know it sounds simple and unthought, but I'm sick of news and other people over-analyzing his intentions.

And I'd like to thank Bush for increasing my tuition. Because of him NJ was adversely affected, and even all schools in the country lost a good chunk of thier grants. My total tuition was just 10,000 (including room and board), and now it's over 17,000.

Thanks government. Your doing a good job!
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