Any way to fix past mistakes and move on? serious answers only please!?

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I made a big mess of my life by making mistakes that really could afford at the time. I had a great job to make enough money so I could afford my own apartment and a new car. Life was great for about 2 years, all my payments were on time, and I had a little extra money so I could go out with friends on weekends. I met a guy and moved in, and everything went down the tubes. My boss fired me and did not give me an explanation ("something has to change and we believe it's you", whatever that is), and I found another job immediately, but only do half of what I was doing when I was fired. All this time, I was still paying all the bills for the apartment and car, even when I had a roommate full time because I did not contribute a dime for the first 5 months he lived with me. I used all the savings and started borrowing money from family and friends until all cut me (reasonably say that because someone else living there, should not have to rescue me and I tend to agree). so at this point, I'm about 2 months behind on my credit cards and car payments, and my brain broke and I told my boyfriend I had to start to help with expenses. and at that time, began to "help" with approximately one quarter of the accounts of the room (I never expected to help with the car or credit cards, but I feel I should have had to help with half the bills for housing, especially since their children were there on weekends too). I totally just plain stupid started ignoring the harassing calls from creditors and collection agencies (hey, I could not pay my bills just to live, sleep and eat much less give anything to creditors, and refused to work with me the first few times it is called). I gave the car for 2 years that I adored because creditors said they had reported it stolen (I do not even know if you can do that, I was 2 months behind on payments). also adding to the misery, had signed a loan for my brother to get a truck, which also failed and gave up. So far, I have $ 20,000 in debt and have no way to pay it back (at least not in the immediate future). I have a job, earning less than $ 400 a week, with no possibility of overtime and / or income. last October, was very depressed and got behind the wheel of a car drunk, was arrested and charged with a DWI. so now I have to pay rent, fines and surcharges, my car insurance went through the roof, and my phone bill. at the end of the month, I am left with about $ 50, $ 100 if I have luck. I talked to a credit counselor to try to get debts under control, and she informed me that my only option is bankruptcy. I agreed with the bankruptcy whole thing (and believe me, I'm not very happy about it), but the biggest problem I'm facing now is trying to come up with the money to file for bankruptcy. Lenders are becoming more aggressive, have been sued at least twice, and threatening arrest warrants and garnish my wages. I can not afford what I'm living now! If garnish my wages, I will not be able to pay for something (most likely fines and / or charges) and all this is going to become an even bigger mess. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm at the point where I get all my mistakes, realize that I have to pay for them. But I'm also at the point where I'm very close to suicide. I can not eat, I can not sleep and I can not concentrate on anything. I'm sorry for the situation I created for myself, but I do not know how to fix it. I do not even know where to start. I stopped drinking almost 6 months after realizing what had cost me. Is it too late? Am I doomed to be a mess of my life? It seems that this situation is not any better, it just gradually getting worse, to the point of just giving altogether. MedlinePlus This feels completely lost. Nobody has any advice for me. everyone just says "it sucks". Well, no kidding! I hate to sound so superficial, as the money is all that matters to me. Not only care about money (in fact, I hate it). The fact of the matter is that all my life feels lost, as if nothing ever recover from this. I hate not being more self-sufficient, and I feel I will never be able to take care of myself again. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there anyone out there that has any advice for me? Steps you can take to improve the situation? Or possible jobs you could take to try to make some extra money so you can take care of it with a less than stellar history? I just need some help and this is my last resort. I really do not know what else to do. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And for anyone with sarcastic comments, IE: you are on the Internet (So you should have $ right not, I use my computer at work), made his bed, bla, bla, bla, please keep the comments to yourself. the purpose of my post is a desperate attempt to try to get some help and not waste any more of my esteem, if they left. MedlinePlus Thanks
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If you do not like what the counselor said, go to another . After the third or fourth time he says the same , consider doing so. If you hear an alternative that makes sense to you , try it.
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