Should I get child support from him?

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My husband and I are separated physically. It was a mutual decision to rent an apartment . If we divorced , I would have the house , two cars and furniture basically just take your clothes and personal belongings . Also pay for her two student loans ($ 600) , both of which I am a co-signer . MedlinePlus I did not ask money for the kids , because after the loan payments and rent it basically has no money . I am a professional in the medical field and when we're together I paid most of the bills , provided insurance for our 2 children , 2 and 6 , who supported the family . I do a little more than 100,000 per year . He is a taxi driver now and probably makes 20,000 or less per year ... probably much less . Should I stop paying student loans and not bother with child support ? He has children three days a week in the mornings to work , and work at night. The children live with me .
Answer1Llama gone Bonkers Answered at 2012-10-10 14:54:40
If you are getting everything else , I did not foresee what would have to take it anymore . You are in the medical field by more than sufficient. I'd say just take what you think you should have and nothing more . To pay the loans , provided he pays them , and be thankful that you can support yourself and your children very well .
Answer2Jodi-AnAnswered at 2012-10-11 20:55:15
First do not give you money just because, and if not, even if he is giving $ 50 a week is the beginning of the whole situation does not make them on their own so they should not be relying alone
Answer3HermosaAnswered at 2012-11-02 16:30:51
You should make sure you are not in a state that requires spousal support, because with that income difference you might be paying him a little alimony.
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